Ins & Outs 2021

We’re officially one month into 2021, and there’s so much to get excited about (in the design world at least). Every year around this time we write a round-up of what’s going to be decidedly “in”, and what’s going to be incredibly “out” for the coming year. With few trade shows and events insight, we’ve had to dig even deeper to gather the latest and greatest in design for you. But don’t worry, we did it! So are you going to be In or are you going to be Out in 2021?

The “In’s”:

When it comes to designer your home you never quite know where to start, right? Well don’t sweat it! We’ve gathered the best, brightest, and most beautiful things for 2021 for you to peruse. Love what you see? Shop our link at the bottom of this post to get yourself something that’ll be totally In for the New Year, and many years to come!


Bold Color:

Are you tired of scrolling through Instagram to see creamy beige room, after room? Yeah, me too. Bring on the color! With so much time being spent at home in 2020 (and likely in 2021 as well) we’re all looking for ways to make our spaces feel brighter and more alive. Hence, the bold use of color we’re seeing across the design community. From a strong table lamp, to a chic wallpaper, to an unexpectedly bright throw pillow; color is just popping-up everywhere these days (pun definitely intended).


Functional Spaces:

Living in your endless open-concept spaces is a little harder now, right? With everyone working, learning, and playing at home, it’s more important than ever to create designated functional spaces. Whether you’re looking to divide your “great room” into smaller, more useful areas, or you’re creating multi-function rooms; we’re all about designing with both form and function in-mind these days. Think about converting your sun room into an office, or your turning an unused basement into a homework/hang-out zone? All of the above are great ideas, because 2021 is all about making your home work for you.


Bringing the Indoors, Out:

With Spring and Summer rapidly approaching, we’ll all be back outside in no time. With COVID likely still on our horizons, we’ll turn towards outdoor hosting for all of our small gatherings, dinners, and celebrations. Hence, the need to make your outdoor space feel a little more, well… luxe. Long-gone are the days of dumpy old patio furniture, and lack-luster potted plants. Think about adding rich textiles such as rugs, pillows, and throws to spice up your outdoor spaces. And don’t forget to add a water or fire feature, and some chic lighting to bring the ambiance of the indoors, out.


Living Luxe on a Budget:

Don’t get me wrong, I love a high-end budget as much as the next gal, but sometimes we just don’t have the cash to do everything to the nines (nor should we have to). 2021 is going to be all about living luxe, on a budget. Think about simple ways that you can enhance your space and make it feel more luxurious. Is it by adding a high-end scented candle to your desk, putting a soft cashmere throw on your couch, or layering in a beautiful water carafe on your bedside table? Whatever makes you feel pampered and special (within reason of course), is what you should be brining into this new year.


Juxtaposing Traditional & Modern:

Being a one-hit-wonder may work for pop-stars, but for designers it’s a non-starter. Say ‘buh-bye’ to single style rooms, like an ultra-modern penthouse or a classic townhome. Now it’s all about the mix; bringing together a wide array of styles is the perfect way to get that personalized 2021 look. Think about mixing classic moldings and mid-century modern lighting. Or adding a traditional marble bust to a sleek and sexy apartment (trust me they’ll play so nicely together). Don’t believe us on this one? Open up any Architectural Digest, IG feed, or Pinterest page and you’ll notice it’s all mixed, layered, and totally one-of-a-kind.


The “Out’s”:

Writing the “outs” part of this post is always so challenging for me. What may be “out” for me, may feel perfectly up-to-date to you, or even vice-versa. What’s cool and what’s not depends a lot on your personal style and preferences. But, digging deep into my design subconscious these are a few of the things that I would love to leave in the past.

Country Farmhouse:

Now don’t take this the wrong way, but this was a design trend that got a little out-of-hand. Thanks to the Internet and a lot of DIY designers, everyone adopted the white and black country farmhouse aesthetic. From shiplap walls to vintage shabby chic dressers, this design trend became too literal for comfort. Though this style can be a great place to start your design journey, think about layering in other looks and aesthetics to get a higher-end look. Think: Joanna Gaines’ cooler, older design sister if you want to reinterpret this trend.

Kitchens with All-White Everything:

A neutral kitchen can be stunning, especially when layered with rich textures and various hues, but when you go for the all-white-everything look you may get let-down. The better option: layer in creams, beiges, grays, and natural textures such as wood, glass, and glazed tiles to get the chic yet minimal look that you really want. And remember, a little contrast never hurt anybody!

Bland or Safe Design Choices:

This one is so OUT it hurts. It’s 2021 people, isn’t it time to stop designing for what will “look good in the future”. If it’s bland now, it’ll be bland tomorrow and every day after that. I was recently listening to a podcast, where the hosts were talking about designing with what you really love, today. Because if you really love something, then it will never be “out of style” in your eyes. So stop making your home work for everyone else, and start making it work for you!

Judging Other’s Homes:

Bland designs and all-white kitchens may be a thing of the past, but so is judging people who embrace either of them. Whatever works for you in your own home, is what’s right! Scrapping your formal dinning room for a kids homework nook? Do it! Want to do away with your sunroom, to make a wine room for your date nights in? Do it! Overthinking and judging other people’s homes is so 2020. Twenty-Twenty One is all about making your home perfect for you, and nobody else!


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