Guide to eDÉCOR

    What Exactly IS eDÉCOR? No matter what you may call it (Virtual Design, eDÉCOR, Online Design, or e-Design), virtual interior design services are all-the-rage right now! Not all virtual design services are created equal and it can be difficult to figure out exactly what virtual designers do. With all of this in-mind, we created this […]

Worksheet Wednesday

✨ Happy Wednesday ✨! While we’re all stuck at home, it seems like a great time for us to all get organized, get creative, and get motivated! To help you maintain all of these goals, we’ve decided to create weekly “worksheets” (think organizers, checklists, coloring sheets, and more) to keep you on-task, and staying productive throughout your […]

WFH & Temporary Office Spaces

As we all try and navigate working from home, it’s critical that we set ourselves up in a proper workspace. Some of you may have a true home office, while others of you may be working from your dining room tables or your kitchen islands. Wherever you’re set up, we’re going to give you some […]

19-Day Challenge

GHI’s 19-Day Challenge: What’s going on in the world right now is nothing short of serious, that is for sure. But the news has all of the doom-and-gloom covered, and for those of us just trying to stay-sane at home, we’ve created the GHI 19-Day Challenge! I’m sure we’ve all dreamt up projects for our […]

Match-Maker: Fashion + Design

It’s Valentine’s Day… and what a perfect day to celebrate the marriage of my two favorite things; fashion and interior design! Last week, I got to attend Jason Wu’s Collection Fall 2020 show at New York Fashion Week. It has become a kind of tradition to go to the show with (my soon to be […]