Hiring a Designer- Why Should You Do It?

When it comes to breaking down reasons to hire an interior designer, I’d like to think my hotel/motel analogy begins explaining things best. 

Picture this: You’re staying in a motel (we’ve all been there), you walk in and see the bargain bed/bedding, nightstands, dresser, and if you’re lucky, a TV. All very basic things that everyone knows are necessary components to putting a bedroom together– but how does this space make you feel? I’m sure you’re not itching to jump in bed, pour a glass of wine, and get a good night’s sleep, are you?

Design by GreyHunt Interiors, Photo by Stacy Zarin Goldberg

On the flip side, you book a room at a five-star hotel to avoid those icky motel feels. You walk into an immaculately designed space with all the same basic elements as that motel. You know, a bed/bedding, nightstands, dresser, and TV. Except when this room invites you in, it’s like a breath of fresh air. Your eyes glide across the space with ease, all the tension leaves your shoulders, and you actually can’t wait to crawl into bed.

It’s no accident you had a much different experience at the hotel, and it’s all thanks to the interior designers that brought it to life. Through this comparison, you can see that despite the higher costing hotel, you value your comfort levels and are consciously aware of the impact your surroundings have on the way you feel. So why should this expectation fall short when it comes to your own home? Truth is, it shouldn’t! 

Luckily for you there is more than one way designers make a difference in your life! Many of them you probably have never thought of before. 

Design by GreyHunt Interiors, Photo by Stacy Zarin Goldberg

1. Save you money

Wait a minute…don’t you have to spend money to hire them, though? Well, yes of course you do, but you’re missing the bigger picture here! You see, hiring a designer is like making a financial investment (spend money = make money) for your home. They help you make the best selections for your spaces which in turn can increase the value of your property. *cha-ching!* All while working their magic to prevent you from accidentally making costly mistakes yourself. *double cha-ching* 

Design by GreyHunt Interiors, Photo by Stacy Zarin Goldberg

2. Save you time

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that interior designers are trained professionals who have built a career they are passionate about but also financially rely on (it’s not just a hobby!). So, they must run a tight ship to stay on deadline all while keeping the components and unseen obstacles of your project at bay. Trust me, there’s a lot more that’s hidden than you think! 

Design by GreyHunt Interiors, Photo by Stacy Zarin Goldberg

2. Exclusive access to resources 

Designers have exclusive access to sources that aren’t available to any Joe Schmo. This means your well-designed house will look far from that of Joe Schmo’s, too. Designers understand that your home is a reflection of you and they will know how to piece together their unique resources to help tell your story!  

All in all, designers provide their services to transform your surroundings into unique pieces of art, make insightful financial selections and have the power to change your everyday way of life. So, sit back, relax, and leave it up to the designer- we’ve got you covered!