WFH & Temporary Office Spaces

As we all try and navigate working from home, it’s critical that we set ourselves up in a proper workspace. Some of you may have a true home office, while others of you may be working from your dining room tables or your kitchen islands. Wherever you’re set up, we’re going to give you some tips and design inspo. to keep you motivated as you WFH!

Being Productive While WFH:

Establish a Routine:

First off, when working from home, the biggest challenge is defining your day. Defining when your work hours are, defining when it’s no longer appropriate to have on pajama pants, and defining where your “office” is within your home. So let’s K.I.S.S.- Keep It Simple Stupid – get up, get dressed and “go to work”! Have a routine every morning that involves you getting up, getting ready, and settling in to work. Experts say it’s the best way to fight off the sluggish feeling of working from home. I am a big advocate of getting dressed and putting on my lipstick – it’s amazing how put together it makes me feel!

Have a Designated “Office”:

Obviously we’ll touch more on this later, but experts say that having a designated area just for working increases productivity. Working in areas where you watch TV, nap, or even eat can make it easier to get distracted and become off-task.

Set a Schedule:

Set office hours for yourself, defining when your work day begins and ends! This is hard for many people, because it’s all about setting boundaries! I know that this can be difficult- as it’s so convenient to work at all hours of the night, but you need to create separation. As important as it is for you to be on-the-clock, it is equally as important for you to have downtime – to be able to leave work… at work! During your working hours, try setting reasonable time-limits for specific tasks. For example, giving yourself 30 minutes in the morning to check email, or an hour for a specific project. This way you can move through tasks without getting distracted and wasting excessive amounts of time. So scheduling is everything when you’re working at home!

Setting Up Your Workspace:

Whether you have your own full-time, designated home office, or a section of the dining room table to work from – setting up your workspace is critical for having a successful WFH experience! I work from home normally, and
absolutely adore my black-and-white home office! I have this space to work in, that makes me feel inspired and keeps me on task because my office matches how I work.

Think About How You Work:

That is my first piece of advice, you need think about how you work. This may sound strange – but we all have different work habits, so our offices should reflect that. What do you need in a space to be productive and efficient? What does your workflow look like? What do you do on an average day? Once you’ve answered these questions, it is so much easier to design your space! Have lots of video calls? Then maybe you need a space with a clutter-free background. Can’t stand sitting down all day? Stack some boxes or use a cooler to create your own standing-desk. Thinking about your needs is the best way to design any space, especially your home office!


Keep your “office” clutter-free, by only keeping the essentials in your space. Only keep items that are necessary for your daily tasks on your work surface. Anything else that you may need only weekly, monthly, or even yearly, can be stored elsewhere. (Think about things like contracts, rarely used supplies, or records- they should be stored out-of-sight).

Utilize Storage:

Once you’ve got your organizational system in place, and you know what supplies are essential for your day-to-day operations, then it’s time to add in some stylish storage! Think about adding storage elements that match your personal style – chic boxes, sleek bins, or a feminine filing cabinet! If you have a small space, then all the more reason to add storage! In smaller spaces, I like to think about adding in vertical elements like bookshelves or a tall cabinet, to maximize space.

Make It Beautiful:

Once you’ve got all of that set up – add in your finishing touches. A sweet picture frame, a nice lamp, a piece of art – whatever will keep you feeling inspired and refreshed throughout your workday! I personally love having a picture of my boys and a lovely scented candle on my desk- both help me to feel inspired and centered while I work-away!

Here’s some images from home offices I’ve designed, and some work from others, to get your creative juices flowing!

Hopefully these tips keep you feeling refreshed and motivated as you conquer working from home! Got any amazing ideas for a home office or any stellar tips? Comment on our Instagram post & let us know- we’d love to hear how you’re #socialdistancing and working from home these days! Stay safe everyone!