Happy Mothers Day!

Women are amazing but mom’s take it to the next level of super hero status!  They lift you up, support you, cook for you and everything else in between. Even at my *undisclosed* age, my mom is still my most amazing super hero!  She has always been my biggest fan and supporter, and has helped me in any which way to get my business and life to grow!  I mean, hello!! How lucky am I?  And if you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting my mom, you’d know she is the sweetest English lady ever!  With her cute accent she always offers a cup of tea because real English Tea makes everything better. 🙂  So, treat your mom or loved one to a real cuppa!

Here’s how to make a real cup of tea!
Take it from me…I’m English.
-Fill Tea pot with hot water
-Boil kettle
-Empty out hot water, put in tea bags then pour boiling water over tea bags.  We prefer Typoo tea
-Cover pot with a tea cozy or dish towel (for those American’s who don’t know/own a tea cozy)
-Let it brew for 5-7 minutes.
-Lastly, fill fine bone china tea cup with a little milk at the bottom, then pour tea and enjoy!!
PS, adding scones…(oh my Aunt Gerri’s scones are the BEST) or biscuits to make it a perfect moment!

From all of us here at GreyHunt, we want to wish all mother’s a VERY Happy Mother’s Day!  Thank you for all you do for us- we wouldn’t be here without you (literally)!

In honor of my English mother and all the cups of tea she’s served me, I thought the perfect inspo for today would be tea rooms!

Now, sit back and imagine you’re enjoying your own cup o’ goodness in one of these heavenly spots!

Now this room IS my cup of tea! Via Pinterest

I’d like one cup of black tea and a black tea room, too! Via Lucy Dodsworth flickr.

Who needs a to-go mug when you could have this little shop on the go! Via Pinterest

Funky! Via Pinterest.

Perfect spot on a rainy day! Via Pinterest.

Would love to see the inside of this spot! Via Camila Román Demo flickr.

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