We’re Going Abroad!

Happy Friday! This week calls for two blogs because one of the members of the GreyHunt fam, Alyssa, will be heading abroad today! So, this blog is dedicated to introducing her to you all as she will be sharing some of her experiences along the way. Alyssa has been working for me since 2015 and has been my right hand (wo)man ever since! But that’s enough from me…I’ll let you hear from her yourself!

Hi everyone! First of all, I am SO excited to be going on this journey. Second, I’m even more excited that I get to *kind of* take you all with me! I will be gone for just about a month and my main destinations will be Florence, Italy and Amsterdam! In between studying Itallian, ROMEing around, and making the memories of a lifetime, I’m hoping to share some serious inspiration for you peeps. Whether it’s interiors, exteriors or fashion- get ready! 
If there are any topics you want me to cover, let me know now! Aside from that, I will be sharing whatever I can and hopefully pull together some fun topics. Aside from some blogs, I will be keeping everyone updated on a more frequent basis through instagram (pay extra attention to our stories!). So, if you’re not already following us, you better get to it (username @greyhuntinteriors). This way we can stay connected as if I packed you all in my carry on!
Welp, I better go and catch my flight- see you all in Florence!
Chao to my bellas!