19-Day Challenge

GHI’s 19-Day Challenge:

What’s going on in the world right now is nothing short of serious, that is for sure. But the news has all of the doom-and-gloom covered, and for those of us just trying to stay-sane at home, we’ve created the GHI 19-Day Challenge! I’m sure we’ve all dreamt up projects for our homes, but inevitably run out of time… well here’s your chance to get those projects DONE! Want to rearrange the living room? Or purge your closet? Do it now, while you have the time!

To make being at home feel more like a stay-cation, here’s a list of simple tasks that you can do; one a day, for 19 days. There’s no order, or time-frame, just pick one task each day, and get to work (the list is below)! Track your progress by sharing Instagram posts and stories with your friends and followers (be sure to tag us)! We want to see you guys using this time as an opportunity to spruce up your spaces!

Here’s some more detailed info, and inspo, for each task! Still need more organinzing to-dos and inspo? Check out our friend @RachelOrganizes for her 25-day challenge with even more organizing opportunities!

Simplify Your Home Decor & Declutter Counters:

Often, people feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of STUFF that they own. The simplest solution? Simplify your space! Whether that means reducing the number of picture frames on your bookshelf, or the number of vases on your dining room table, the simpler the better! Many people prefer their space with minimal amounts of “stuff”, and it allows them to live in the space, without being overwhelmed by all of their things.

Counters are no exception! These tend to be a place, where “things” gather and pile up! Whether it’s the counters in your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, or wherever, we often feel like we can’t utilize a space properly, because of the over-crowded countertops. The solution? Spend a day, and find a place to put away anything-and-everything on your countertops. That place might be in another room, in the trash bin, or in the car to go on out to the Goodwill later!

Rearrange Decor & Clean Out Your Closet:

Your décor can start to feel stale after a while, and who can blame you for being tired of that bookshelf you arranged 5 years ago?! Playing around with and rearranging decor is one of my favorite things to do on a free-day! Just have fun with it, and you might be surprised where things end up. It’s a great way to tap into your creative side- and maybe even discover some things that need to-go altogether!

I said rearranging decor is one of my favorite things to do, well… so is cleaning out my closet! Getting out ALL of my clothes, shoes, accessories, and jewelry, and then honing in on what I wear most? What just brings me joy? and finally, what needs to go? Is a great way to see what’s working, and what is not, in my closet. Then, it’s all about storing your items in a way that lets you utilize each piece, and get the most out of your closet.

Organize Files and Photos:

Digital or Print – this one’s totally up to you. Lord knows I have a pile of photos and files on my desk, and a hot-mess on my dropbox- so organizing both is high on my to-do list! But again, it’s up to you. If you keep every photo printed and stored, then find a storage solution that works for you- whether that’s plastic boxes, a filing cabinet, or individual photo albums. If you’re a tech-wiz who just needs to clean house, then do that too! This one is all about reducing clutter in your space and in your mind!

Re-Imagine How You Use 1 Space & Clean Out Your Junk Drawer:

Many people see a bookshelf as just a place to store family photos and books – but why not reimagine how that space can be used? I turned this bookshelf in a dining nook, into a coffee bar and dish display area. How will you reimagine your space? Start by thinking about how you’d like to use the area, and then move into what you’d like it to look like! You’ll be floored at what you can come up with, when you reimagine how a space can be used!

The almighty Junk Drawer! I think that everyone has one… and some people even have one in every room! (No shame in that!) It’s only natural to develop one space to dump your things – and the random stuff that tends to accumulate there just needs to find a home. Here’s my advice – totally empty the junk drawer, and find a home for all of your stuff inside. If it doesn’t have a home… then maybe it needs to go? Then, utilize that drawer for a better purpose: maybe organizing bills, storing car keys, or putting away the daily mail…because if not, you’ll be back cleaning out the junk drawer in a few months.

Envision New Color Palettes For 1 Space:

Does your living room feel dark, or your kitchen has no pop? Take this time to get inspired, and think about what your space could be with a new color palette! Do some color research (there’s tons out there on the internet about the best paint colors and color palettes for rooms- check out this story I was featured in). Envision your space with a whole new color palette – this can be as simple as painting and tossing in some new throw pillows! But you’ll be surprised at the power changing your color palette will have on how you feel in the space!

Organize Your Bathroom & Organize Your Nightstand:

You know, as well as I do, that your bathroom drawers are teaming with dried-up lipsticks and worn-out hair ties. Girl, it’s time to organize that bathroom of yours! Sort through your beauty products, makeup, hair tools, first-aid supplies, and whatever else is lingering in there, and see what you need and what you don’t. Then, set up a system so that you can find everything easily the next time you need it.

Your nightstand is probably a dumping ground of random receipts, single earrings, journals, and old half-used candles… like mine is! I know, I’m guilty of it as well. So, it’s time to CLEAN OUT THE CLUTTER! Your nightstand is probably one of the last things you see before you go to bed at night, and one of the first things you see when you wake up in the morning… so don’t you want it to be cute and organized?! I know I do!

Sort & Store Sentimental Items:

Sometimes, those old boxes of photos, metals, arts-and-crafts projects, and other memorabilia go unnoticed. Take some time today to sort through them, admire & appreciate them, and then organize them! Sort your items into categories, dispose of any unnecessary things, and then find everything a permanent home so that they can be easily appreciated again-and-again in the future!

Rearrange Furniture:

Simply swiveling some chairs, or dragging an occasional table across a room, can make such a big difference in how you use a space! So stop struggling, and start playing around! Assess how you would like to use the space, and what is or is not working about the space’s layout now? Then play around with your layout until you find the right solution for you!

Purge Your Desk or Establish a Work Area:

So you’re WFH now huh?! (For those of you who don’t know what that means – that’s Working From Home). How’s that going for you? Yeah… that’s what we thought! Well, if you’re struggling with productivity at home, it’s probably related to your workspace! Setting up a designated workspace (whether that’s on your dining room table, your coffee table, or even your kitchen island – it’s important that you have a separate space to work). Get your office cleaned up, and your workspace organized, so that you can hit-the-ground-running with every project that’s thrown your way! If you need MAJOR help…don’t sweat it, because we’ve got a blog post all about temporary WFH spaces coming up next week — keep your eyes peeled!

Write a “To-Read” Booklist:

Always wanted to read that book… but never got around to it? Now’s your time! And if you can’t read a book every single day, at-least take today to write down a list of all of those books that  you’ve always wanted to read! Then, slowly but surely, check them off one-by-one. Reading is such a great way to engage your mind and experience new things when stuck at home (and it’s so much better for you than endless TV !).

Write a “Happy List”:

Simple enough, right? Just write a list of the things that make you happy. Whether it’s having your cup of coffee slowly in the morning, or buying flowers for yourself as a treat, or reading your favorite book again-and-again. Whatever makes you happy, no matter how little or big, write it down! Then actively try to seek those things out daily! Utilize the list as a map to your life – feeling down? Do something on your Happy List!

Create Moodboards of Inspiring Home Decor:

Take this time to GET INSPIRED! (You know if you need help with this one, we’re here for you – check out our Instagram or Pinterest for some more inspo!) Gather images of homes, furniture, projects, patterns, layouts- anything that gets you inspired about interior design and changing your space. Then, when the time is right, reach out to us and we’ll help you get that project started!

Meditate for 10-15 Minutes:

Meditation can seem scary to a lot of people – but it’s super simple. It’s all about just quieting your mind, and relaxing for a little while. That’s something we can all use right now! If you’re a beginner meditator, there’s tons of FREE apps out there to help, or just start by sitting down in a quiet room and trying to be still for 10-15 minutes. You’ll be amazed at how good you feel afterwards!

Spend 30 Minutes Outside:

Get out into nature! Spend 30 minutes sitting on your back porch, walking in your neighborhood, or just looking at trees in your backyard. Believe me, it will all help you stay sane!

Purge Your Email Inbox:

I KNOW you have a little red notification bubble staring at you right now, with about 456 unread emails – so TAKE CARE OF IT! You’ve got some free-time, and nowhere to be, so let’s clean out that inbox. Delete (and unsubscribe) from those spammy emails you get 5 times a day, and get your inbox in order… FOR REAL this time. You’ll feel so much lighter when you have a manageable email inbox!

And that’s the list! So get inspired, and get to organizing, cleaning, and designing your space! We’re so excited to see what you have in-store for us!

All Images designed by GreyHunt Interiors and photographed by Christy Kosnic & Stacy Zarin Goldberg.