HPMKT Fall 2019 Trends

Just like that another High Point Market event has come and gone! As always, I had the best time scoping out the latest design trends, making new designer friends, and getting some great inspiration for new projects ahead.

First things first, let’s dive into those ever-important trends!

Nesting Coffee Tables: It’s officially time to ditch the standard single coffee table look! By incorporating layers in your furniture, you not only add depth/dimension to your space but also create more ways to use your space.

Wallpaper: Oh, the wonders of wallpaper! I’m sure you all have heard me gush over this topic many, many times. To be fair, though, this Fall Market proved it’s time for me to talk about it again! Wallpaper comes in so many shapes, sizes, textures, and colors which makes it the perfect addition to any space.

Black & White: Although this has proven to be a timeless combo, I was seeing a ton of black and white at this market! So, not only are you being trendy by incorporating this look into your space but you most definitely are getting a timeless look that’s sure to stick around for a while.

Snake Décor: Now, this trend seems to have just slithered its way into design this year! From coffee table décor to embroidered touches on pillows, there’s just no guessing where we’ll see this next.

And now…for some moments with a few fab friends! Be sure to check out their instagrams (listed below) and give them a follow for some great designer inspo.

Love seeing the amazingly talented @martynbullard

Congrats again to this lady @kendallwilkinsondesign!! We got to do a takeover for fabricut that talked about her killer new line with them!

Always in style with this one @jdagmi!

Had so much fun @kurtjacobmiller

Starstruck!! @carsonkressley

So fun running into @bethwebb!