Worksheet Wednesday

✨ Happy Wednesday ✨! While we’re all stuck at home, it seems like a great time for us to all get organized, get creative, and get motivated! To help you maintain all of these goals, we’ve decided to create weekly “worksheets” (think organizers, checklists, coloring sheets, and more) to keep you on-task, and staying productive throughout your time in quarantine!

Worksheet #5 : Project Planner

Whether it’s a work project, a passion project, or your kid’s school projects, a project planner is  EXACTLY what you need to get your life organized right now. This worksheet helps you set a time-frame for your project, establish goals, outline steps toward completion, and even track your progress all on one sheet of paper. It’s OK, you can thank us later ;)! (CLICK HERE or on the image below to download the planner).

Worksheet #4 : GHI Password Organizer

Keeping track of your ever-changing passwords can be a real challenge! It’s easy to loose track of it all, especially when you’re a small business owner and a mother. That’s why we designed this password organizer! Hopefully, if you can keep your passwords together…it’ll help you keep it all together! (CLICK HERE or on the image below, to download the organizer).

Worksheet #3 : GHI Weekly Organizer

Is it just us…or are the weeks starting to fly-by? It’s great on one-hand, because we’re kind of crushing quarantine, but on the other hand if I don’t plan out my weeks early on, it’s easy to loose track of time. With that in-mind, we decided to make our third worksheet, a weekly organizer. This way you can plan out your weeks in advance, and prioritize weekly tasks. Let us know how this helps to keep you organized and on-task! (CLICK HERE or on the image below to download)

Worksheet #2 : GHI Daily Organizer

Feeling like you just can’t get it together?? We TOTALLY understand! That’s why for our second Worksheet Wednesday, we decided to create a daily organizer. Use this worksheet to get your schedule in order, to accomplish important tasks, and to remind yourself of your daily goals. Experts say that having a routine, and planning out your time hour-by-hour is really important to help keep you on task when working from home. CLICK HERE or on the image below to download the free printable!

Worksheet #1 : GHI x @janegianarelli Coloring Sheet

For our first Worksheet Wednesday, our amazing friend & artist Jane Gianarelli created this coloring sheet inspired by our fan-favorite #EmeraldGem project! We’re loving this insanely gorgeous rendering, and we’re having so much fun dreaming up alternative color palettes for this project! Once you’ve colored your creation, be sure to share your design with us on social media, by tagging @greyhuntinteriors and @janegianarelli, so that we can repost our favorite #masterpieces! So go ahead and get to coloring – trust us, you’re never too old for it!

Click Here to Download & Print the Coloring Sheet