Our ‘Home Couture’ & Art Line Has Launched!

If you consider yourself a fab friend of mine, you’re probably fully aware of the recent art line we curated and released this past Friday. Well…as if that wasn’t enough, I also have been set out to assemble another curated line by GreyHunt called ‘Home Couture’. With this line, I wanted to focus on bringing high-end, quality fabric to a few home and fashion products- pillows and handbags!

I have been working so hard to get this launched for you all (art included), especially in time for the holiday’s, as I think these are the perfect gifts for any fab friend of yours (including yourself!). It’s been so hard keeping this secret from you all and all I can say is I hope you enjoy this as much as I do. Now, let’s dive into what I’ve got to offer you!

First up, we have our “Haut Handbags”, which are the perfect chic clutch you need for any occasion. This exclusive patterned fabric by S. Harris is a luxury linen finished off with a stylish tassel. Talk about haute!

Now to cool things down, we want to introduce to you our ‘Icy Chic’ pillows which are made with a top of the line, next-level Belgium linen. The crisp ‘ice’ shade it comes in is the perfect addition to brighten things up. There’s no doubt you’ll find the perfect one for you as we have this available in three sizes (12X20″, 20″, 24″.).

And finally, I’m going to need you to pay extra attention when I say, the material used for our 12X20″ Banded Knife Edge pillow- IS NOT A PRINTED FABRIC- Whew, okay, I just really needed to get key detail out there because it is hard to pick up on that from just pictures. The black pattern you see on the pillow fabric is actually intricately embroidered, giving it a unique look and texture.

Handbag Fabric Details

Icy Chic Pillows Fabric Details 

Banded Knife Edge Pillow Fabric Details

Me showing off my curated lines! Photography by Christy Kosnic  

Our Ice Cold Capri Pillows (20″ left, 24″ right), and our Banded Knife Edge Pillow (12X20″ front). Photography by Christy Kosnic

Such a fun thing see come to life!!

Perfect for your makeup needs! Photography by Christy Kosnic

*Inserts one million heart eye emoji’s* Photography by Christy Kosnic

Since I haven’t been able to blog about our art line yet, I figured now was the perfect time!

Art is such an important aspect to a beautifully designed space. It’s the icing on the cake that finalizes the look and feel of your home. Unlike most aspects to your space, art has the ability to be ridden with obvious and/or abstract messages that hold personal meaning to not only the owner, but to each viewer. And that personalization, I think, is key to loving your space and having a story to tell with your art. You know, they don’t call them conversation pieces for nothing! So, teaming up with Jill Perla, who owns her own creative business, Jill Perla Art, was a no brainer. We both find value in providing access to affordable, original and custom art to everyone. So, here we are!!

Jill and I first got in touch a year or two ago when I reached out to her to paint a custom piece for a client of mine. Not only does she create fabulous masterpieces, she also has the ability to connect deep meaning to everything she makes. She radiates with so much positivity, it’s impossible to not be influenced by her fun & quirky uniqueness.

Behind the Art: The theme to this line is tied to things I held dear, things that I felt impacted my persona today. Seeing that we are both women who own a creative business, both are from VA (me all my life-it is my HOME!), both valuing nature and its therapeutic properties, this line reflects pieces not only we hold dear, but I’m sure many of you do as well.

Joy Blooms: Like I mentioned before, this is the piece I currently have hanging above my sofa and I can confirm that it does exactly as the title suggests! Every time I look at it, I can’t help but feel joy bloom within me! Its bold yet soft and inviting, highlighting my home just the way I want it. And for those who really know me, Joy is my middle name!

Fits my space absolutely perfect! Photography by Christy Kosnic

She: Who is SHE? Our ‘She’ art was inspired by the power of being a woman.  She exists as a reflection of your inner/outer self- whether she’s from your past, present, or future. Whoever she is, whatever symbol she holds- she belongs to you. She is amazing, she is resilient yet compassionate- and its time she is celebrated.

Hey girl! Photography by Christy Kosnic

Up close and personal! Photography by Christy Kosnic

Perfect in Nature & Design: This series of botanicals stems from (ha, get it?) not just my love for greens, but also my love for Virginia as we have featured leaves/grasses from our beautiful home state! As the creating began, Jill interpreted this series to reflect our individual roles in creating this line- Me, Sallie, as the leaf front and center, while Jill is behind the scenes as the shadow. So poetic and sweet!

There’s clearly a good variety of botanical styles available, but so that you don’t get bored and leaf me half way though this blog, I’ve only gotten into the meaning behind a few!

Fiddle Fig: This one got thrown in for my love of my very own fiddle fig tree- Mr. Fickles. Fiddle figs are one of my favorite indoor trees to use for décor but since they can be difficult to own since they’re so notoriously fickly, I figured having the option of a forever fiddle fig was perfect!

Ash Tree Leaves:  Fun fact: The Ash Tree is supposedly where Ashburn, VA gets its name, so says Jill. Story goes, an Ash tree was struck by lightning, which made it burn and glow for days, becoming a stirring attraction that granted its claim to fame being named a city. More on that story, here.

The title of this art explains this shot exactly- perfect in nature & design! Photography by Christy Kosnic

More of that perfect balance in my basement! Photography by Christy Kosnic

Home (Blue Ridge & Bull Run Mountains): Virginia’s mountains are a fundamental attribute to the gorgeous views of Virginia. They follow us on our journeys, lead us towards new destinations, and connect us to others. Customize this art with your own ideas of HOME. Whether that be the Blue Ridge and Bull Run mountains, like me, or some other significant landscape to you.

Can you tell this is still my basement? Made some decor swaps so that blue in those mountains can really stand out! Photography by Christy Kosnic

Well, thats a wrap! I’m so absolutely happy with how everything has turned out and I’m so excited to hear what you all think. Thank you once again to everyone who took part in helping me bring my ideas to life!!! I can’t thank you enough!


To place an order, or if you have any questions regarding any of the products from our lines, please email GHI@greyhuntinteriors.com

We also have Ecommerce that will soon be available to shop from!