High Point Market- Fall 2018

I got back from HighPoint Market a couple weeks ago and boy do I have a lot to share! I got to experience just so many amazing things. From trend-spotting, to many designer gushy moments meeting new fab friends, to seeing how this whole event has been refreshed has been amazing to be a part of, reflect on, and then share with you all!

I’ve been attending High Point Market for…hmm…trying not to show my age here but…*mumbles softy* the past 20 years. As a bright eyed and bushy tailed 22-year-old, the market was and has always been centered around the latest in design and products. However, this year I felt a slight shift. That shift, which I’m so excited about, was centered more around team work, networking, hash tagging, and sharing content…that’s right I’m talking #social #media. Which is so seriously cool and just the push we need to continue to bring together other talents, ideas, and inspirations from all corners!

Team work makes the dream work and I couldn’t believe in that statement any more after experiencing some of my own gushy and crushy designer moments! (I promise my home design trendspotting is coming next!).  First up, we got to interview THE Kathy Ireland which lead us to discussing a giveaway together with Nourison (congrats to the winner!). Got to chat with Vern Yip from Fabricut, who’s launching their new line I’m about to install (YES!!). Next, we had some other amazing encounters like meeting Martyn Bullard (he’s complimented my #EmeraldGem project before! Yes, I died. Yes, I came back to life to write this blog for you), Jane Seymore at Michael Amini, Jill Zarin from Real Housewives of NY (I gave my bag holder since she loved it so much!), designers Suzanne Kasler and Thomas O’brien whom signed my books, as well as the many other amazing designers and influencers! Pinch me, please!!

Okay, now that I’ve regained consciousness from your pinch, here’s my take on trends I spotted.

All that glitter is gold…and matte! Probably to no surprise, gold was a common metal I saw E V E R Y WHERE but this time with a flat look. And while we’re on the topic of metals, I can’t forget those that mixed! Finally what look I’ve been loving forever is kicking up some dust! It was great to see gold, silver and copper all used in a set up by Caracole.

Trending hottie alert!! Or should I say, cool trend alert because our favorite relaxed/spa blue is here with a twist! This time, its being paired up with its friend’s magenta, golden yellow, and green, making it a freshened mix anyone will think is chic!

Now onto trending styles, this one may be slightly shocking but I actually saw traditional start to be ~traditional~ again. But this time its lines are more modern while its details remain traditional.

Another style I’m seeing and LOVING- eclectic! Finally, its hitting main stream and everything and anything in good taste can be used in a room. So, get out your mid-century modern console table and throw that divine antique mirror over top…its eclectic, boogie woogie woogie.

Last but not least we have florals. Or should I say, GREENS!!! I absolutely love, love, love being able to just break off a branch, throw it in a cute vase and call it a day. And now I’m seeing just that! Well, not the rugged gardener part but the greens part! I’ve noticed it’s even more predominant in floral arrangements since it offers such great textures.

Since returning, I haven’t been able to stop reliving the fabulous moments and inspirations I got to immerse myself in and I’m certainly looking forward to the next time I’m in Hight Point in April!