Living Rooms are no Longer Living

When it comes to a home’s living room, many people write it off as a room with no use. For a space that is intended for living (literally, it’s in the title!) it has become DEAD! My friend Jolie and I have had this conversation time and time again, and something needs to be done. It is the room that people spend a lot of money to make rich and formal and no one is using it!  This is not realistic or functional. Our goal should not be to have untouched spaces in our homes, but to get use out of all our square footage, I mean, you are paying for this space, anyways! So many of us say, “if only I had…” a home office, or a bar, or a reading area, or even a guest room. Well… start changing the way you think about your living room and literally, get out of the box. Here are some inspiring rooms. Does one strike a chord with you? I recently transformed one of my friend’s rooms to a “Sit & Sip” room. Finally, she is enjoying her room and using it!  In fact, I really enjoyed sitting and sipping in there myself!

Let me know if I can help get you inspired!

Sometimes, you gotta help a sister out! One of my best friends wanted to update her drab living room to reflect her current taste, but on a budget. To keep costs down, we purchased several items online or from discount stores.  We purchased the rug from Wayfair and four chairs from Home Decorators. The beautiful gold bar table and mirror are from Ballard. The small table is from HomeGoods. We re-purposed the existing hutch by taking the top off, painted it black, and added some hardware bling to match the lamps. I also found fun black and cream cheetah print pillows that add that glamour and fun to the space. Although, this room is not complete, the difference is huge. As part of my best friend duties, I just had to help test out the room sitting and sipping on some yummy cocktails myself! This makes a great conversation area!

After space

Before Space

Here is some more inspiration for you!

Love this fabulous living room that was transformed into office space!

This is so inviting and comfortable, I love how many different uses you can get out of this space!