Glam Closets: from Disaster to Designer

A designer’s dream closet!

Here is a more practical design, still so dreamy!

  Do you have a dirty little secret? Is it a cringe-worthy closet? If you answered yes, then it’s time to make a change! People fail to realize the impact this one space can have on their lives. By having a disorganized closet, not only are you more prone to stress, but the cluttered space makes about 50% of the items you invested in become unused or forgotten.

Take action now and follow my steps to creating a glam-closet of your own!

Mark off a day on your calendar for the big purge.

Take EVERYTHING out of your closet.

Get rid of…

Clothes that haven’t been worn in the last 18 months (donate, donate, donate!)

Clothes that are damaged or stained

Shoes that haven’t been worn or are damaged

If deciding for you is difficult, create three piles. Set aside a pile for donations; getting rid of clothes you know can benefit someone else is the best way to reduce and recycle. Next, have a keep pile; this is for all the fabulous clothes you know you love. And finally, make a maybe pile; this pile will include the clothes you will have to come back and the clothes you will need to try on. Remember, if it doesn’t look good now, it never will and that means it’s time to let go. Try to reduce what you have by 30%.

Once your closet is cleared, and your stuff is organized, it’s time to plan. Your closet is not just a place for hiding things before guests come over, it is a room, and you must treat it like one! Consider what you want to get out of your closet. Is it a space you can make over with a quick trip to the Container Store or Home Depot for a do-it-yourself project? Or is it time to call in the professionals? Whatever it may be, consider your options and choose what best suits you and your space. (If you’re interested in an estimate, or looking for a professional, call Frankie Hogan (703)-615-5244).

After your closet has its backbone in place, it’s time to decorate! Add small embellishments like a chandelier or a semi-flush mount light, any fabulous mirror, an area rug (even a 2×3’), or a storage bench/ottoman. This enables you to create a space that demands appreciation and attention!

Make your closet manageable, organized, and a space you love. But most importantly, pamper yourself with an investment worth every cent!

Key note

Always keep a bag or basket in your closet for the clothes you try on and no longer like, or for shoes that continually give you blisters. Once every two months donate the items in the basket.  Rule of thumb…one thing in, one thing out.

Treat yourself with a new outfit! Love this look I put together. Shirt (Dolce&Gabana $1,875.00), jeans (Bergdorf Goodman $206.00), earrings (Iosselliani $119.51), clutch (Alexander McQueen $925.00), shoes (Gianvito Rossi $1,995)


Need some more inspiration? Check out what I’ve picked out for my dream closet!

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Dime stencil

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