HPMKT: Color Trends

Oh, hello there! If you’ve been following us during our time on the Design Bloggers Tour, you’d know we’ve given some fab (& important) updates in our recent blogs. First, we gave a rundown in our Sponsor Spotlight post in what amazing companies we visited. Then, we touched base on what’s in when we talked Trend Alerts. Now for our final blog, we felt it was only fitting to finally discuss…*drum roll, please!*…COLORS!

During the tour, we saw a lot of returning color champs, but also welcomed some newbies to the ring. Which shades do you think will be the reigning winners this season?

Earthy Tones 

As the going organic look was was trending this Market, it’s no surprise earthy tones are a part of that package! With showrooms from Four Hands, Pinnacle Seating Studio, and Ray Booth for Hickory Chair doing it right, what’s not to love?

Four Hands

Pinnacle Seating Studio

Ray Booth for Hickory Chair

Green, please!

Green may have stolen the spotlight for this season’s color trend as we were seeing it                    e v e r y where. From green walls, to accent sofas; wherever we saw it we loved it! The real question is – how will you incorporate green into your space(s)?

This green ombre wall by Sarah Richardson for Palliser Furniture was definitely drool worthy.

Lloyd Flanders offers a wide range of color options which means even your outdoor furniture can get with the trends! Not to mention, this ‘Sette’ sofa is SO COMFY!

This tufted, velvet green accent sofa from Universal Furniture was giving us all the feels!

We’ve Got the Blues

If we’re talking interiors, feeling blue isn’t a bad thing. We love to see this color in spaces as it’s known for its cool and relaxing touch. Due to those reasons, it’s safe to say it’s still very much on trend. Don’t believe us? See what these showrooms have to say.

Made Goods made it easy to love this trend with a great use of navy and blue/grays.

Hickory Chair called in Suzanne Kasler so she could show off her gorgeous use of blue/grays, too!

Antonia with E.J. Victor added that perfect pop of color with their ‘Laurent’ sideboard in navy.

Oh, Yellow!

Yellow made quite the unexpected appearance for this Market, adding a touch of sunshine to these fab spaces! We were seeing it used in bold ways, but also as mild accents. Which way would you do it?

Another shot of Sarah Richardson’s collection at Palliser shows off her thoughtful use of yellow in this leather accent chair.

Sonder Living showed off this fab dining area with seats drenched in a mustard velvet.

Vanguard Furniture went with the bold to give us this yellow packed inspo!

Pretty in Pink

Whether you call it blush, millennial pink, or just pink…shades of pink are here to stay. Which is more than fine with us!!

Vanguard Furniture went with the bold to give us this yellow packed inspo!

E.J. Victor’s Ryan Korban brought in feminine touches to his collection with these delightful mauve chairs.

Cosmo Living by Dorel Home Products made way for this sweet shade of pink throughout their entire show room!

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