High Point Market: Trend(s) Alert

Hello, all! Hopefully you saw our last blog on our return from High Point Market and the Design Bloggers Tour, but if you didn’t- fear not! You can easily catch up on what you missed, here.

As a quick recap, our last blog shined a spotlight on the sponsors who were gracious enough to host us designers & bloggers, giving us the inside scoop on the latest products and innovations in design. Since then, we have pieced together an even more exciting list. This time, we’re talking design trends! *crowd goes wild*

Accent Sofas: We’ve seen just about every kind of accent there is. But how do we feel about seeing them on our sofas? For us, we think this is a trend we can get behind! It draws your eyes to your largest piece first, which helps you focus on the space, and then invites you to take in the rest as you gaze around some more.

Reagan Hayes debuted her collection at Sonder Living, which included this powerfully printed sofa!

Nina Magon’s dramatic use of light and colors helped set the mood for her showroom at Universal Furniture. What also set the mood? These sexy red ‘Moulin’ sofas.

Rawan Isaac’s sweet and chic collection from IMC Interhall showcased their adorable ‘Elektra’ sofa that is oh so comfy, too!

Going Organic: There was a heavy emphasis on the use of organics throughout all the showrooms- making it a trend hard to ignore. Even though we’ve begun to spend more time indoors, our need to be outside hasn’t diminished! To make things easy, many sponsors at High Point Market emphasized their use of organics, brining us back to our roots. From earthy color palettes, to a thoughtful use of woods and stones, design has begun to bring the outdoors in!

Sarah Richardson’s collection at Palliser paid extra attention to the organics. Proof is in this dreamy dining space filled with earthy tones!

Sonder Living didn’t disappoint, especially when it came to this neutral, organic look!

The use of stones in this little table at Lee Industries adds the perfect touch of nature!

Nesting Coffee Tables: We love this trend as the idea of plopping a single slab of metal/stone/glass in front of your sofa/chairs can be quite repetitive throughout your home. Try switching it up between the rooms of your home to not only add some dimension, but also boost functionality. This way, you have the option to move these surfaces around your room for different uses.

Made Goods did it again with their high contrast ‘Carlotta’ nesting coffee tables!

Four Hands is always on trend! Thats no secret here with their Catalina coffee tables.

Trending Textures: We know that textures are always going to be found around our spaces (it’s just necessary!). But, the ways we introduce this fun bit of interest to our rooms will always be changing. So now you’re probably asking, “What’s up with this seasons use of textures?”. Don’t worry, we’re here to tell you!

  1. Fabric in Unexpected Places: We all expect to see fabric covering our sofas, chairs, and pillows, of course. But what about side tables and mirrors? Sounds crazy, but this trend is one we’re loving because of the unexpected element of surprise. Surprises like these are attention grabbers and in this case, it pulls not just your eyes into a space, but also your senses with the need to touch and feel. Talk about a great way to get people to want to interact with your rooms!!

Vanguard was full of surprises, including that (HOT!) leather pink mirror. Oh, and not to mention that little side table also covered in a performance fabric.

Named the ‘Hollace”, this dalmation print + hide fabric + a mirror = a heaven we didn’t even know existed! Well done, Made Goods!

From Ryan Korban’s debut collection at EJ Victor, he showed off this gorgeous ‘Clement’ mirror covered in a microfiber suede (avail in other colors, too!)

2. Fluffy Stuff: 2019 is about the trend of the untamed! Fur and fluff is not only found in throw blankets or pillows anymore, but it’s moved to chairs. You know, the ones that have been popping up more and more that just make you want to put your face (and butt) all over it. 

Made Goods pulled off a fun twist to the fluff by juxtaposing it with metal here!

‘Alfred Upholstered Chair’ by Made Goods

Kicking ourselves in the butt for not getting a better picture of this chic (& affordable) ‘Sully’ armchair from CosmoLiving at the Dorel Home Products Showroom. Too good not to share, though!

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