White done right

“Omg, but what accent color?” is a question most of us ask ourselves when designing our next space. It can be a daunting one as colors can sometimes feel complicated, quirky, and outdated. But most of us end up feeling we need one. And I’m here to tell you- you don’t! The solution, you ask? All-white. All-white interiors may seem cold and intimidating but if they’re done right they can feel just as warm and full of personality as a room with color. Scroll down to check out my inspo for an all-white interior!

Pro tips

  1. Use your favorite metals to add some pop
  2. Don’t be afraid to mix different tones of white
  3. Mix textures to keep it interesting

What a dreamy bedroom! Pic via Instagram @andreawestdesign

Look at all that gold pop! Pic via Instagram @lovleyhome2017

I could certainly wake up in this room every morning! Pic via instagram @kelleynan

So soft and fresh! Pic via Instagram @white_flat_design

Oh, what a lovely space! Pic via Instagram @shaunasstage_

Lots of different textures going on. Pic via Instagram @ffffff.style