Trendy Traditional

Although many of us would like to think our homes are insusceptible to time and trends, the truth is they’re not. All styles are constantly evolving, coming up with new ideas all the time. We know this to be true in fashion but many are quick to forget about their homes. This is why I find it important to remind clients their home is a growing work of art, just waiting to be changed and played with. This week I wanted to address some new and changing trends within traditional designs. Wallpaper is a huge favorite as mine as most of you can tell from my post last week, and I am still loving it. Try mixing things up and adding texture, or a fun print. Another thing I love is the fact that no corner is left unturned, allowing you to really personalize your space. Layering and mixing patterns is another great way to add warmth and depth to a room, exactly what traditional spaces aim for! Floral arrangements sprays are coming back in full swing, just with more of a romantic, relaxed vibe.
Check out some of my traditional trend spotting and inspiration below!

What a beautifully elegant bathroom! Love the heavy drapes. Pic via Instagram @shaunastage_.

Drooling over this arrangement! Pic via Instagram @elledecor.

Loving so many elements in here. Especially all the different textures and that wallpaper! Pic via Instagram @addisonwonderland.

Beautiful floral arrangement and that wallpaper is stunning! Pic via Instagram @secretsofahostess.

Lots of patterns in this purple paradise! Pic via Instagram @elledecor.

Another purple room with lots of layers and patterns! Pic via Instagram @martynbullard.

No corner is left unturned! Check out that interesting piece under the art, super cool! Pic via Instagram @secretsofahostess.