Step Into My Office

After a long relaxing vacation, returning home to do piles of work seemed like the last thing I wanted to do. As I cracked open my laptop and melted into my office chair, I couldn’t help but reflect on my surroundings. The office space I was able to create in my home is not only my favorite place because it’s where I spend a a lot of my time, but because it really has become a space of my own. And most importantly, a place where I can let my creativity flow. So in honor of that, here are some related items (can’t give away all my secrets) to what I have!

Love the lightness of this desk.

Add a touch of softness (literally!) with a shag rug.

May or may not own these! I love the Nate Berkus line from Target.

Wouldn’t be my own space without a touch of pink!


Perfect little light for those late nights!