New York Fashion Week- Part 2

Although it felt like ages ago that I was just going through my closet getting styled for New York Fashion Week, THE week we all (well, mostly me) had been waiting for finally happened!

NYFW is every designer’s dream experience and I am so grateful to have been able to go. This week is dedicated to featuring and celebrating the most talented designers from all over the world, and I was absolutely blown away. But with every show there’s always a favorite fashion line, and for me that was Jason Wu.

He is the true essence of a designer, bringing his works from the runway to even your home. If you don’t already know, Jason was asked to collaborate a line of faucets with Brizo. Brizo Faucets is known for mixing high-end fashion with a high-end home and they pulled that off seamlessly with Jason. With bringing in different designers from around the country, it’s an honor for me to get to toast and meet with them. So, cheers to Brizo for teaching me the latest design trends and products in kitchen and bath and for allowing me to be part of their research! Their products are so sleek and sexy, they are fabulous statement pieces for your home.

There were so many unforgettable moments and not only was I lucky enough to drool over Jason’s designs right next to the runway, I had the very honor of meeting him. At the after party, we got to chatting it up about design and his new line of casual wear, GreyOut (Ps-I love the name, Jason!), he even gave me some tips on insta. Judd, my handsome boyfriend and *deep exhale* Senior Director of Industrial Design for Delta/Brizo, was quick to tease us about our insta addictions.

In fact, if you aren’t already as addicted to Instagram as me and Jason, you must not be following the right accounts. For the hottest and latest design trends in home and fashion you should absolutely be following @BrizoFaucets, @JasonWu, and even us @Greyhuninteriors.

Check out some of my own shots from the event as well as photographs from the talented Jayme Thorton, whom you should also be following on Instagram @JaymeThorton and Facebook at Jayme Thorton Photography.

For more information about Brizo and Jason Wu:

Thank you so much to Jayme Thornton Photography for capturing this special moment!

What an honor to have been able to attend.

Absolutely love the sleek matte black from the Brizo and Jason Wu collection. Pic via Instagram @BrizoFaucet.

Little snap I got from my seat, talk about gorgeous!

Me and my hottie, Judd! Photo by Jayme Thornton Photography.

Another statement piece by Brizo and Jason. Pic via

My favorite picture I captured. SO glam!

Brizo never fails to amaze me.

Another look from the runway. Photography by Jayme Thornton Photography.

All the amazing people I was able to share my time with. Such an incredible experience I was so lucky to have been a part of. Picture by Jayme Thornton Photography.