New York Fashion Week- Part 1

This week I started prepping for the upcoming fashion week in New York. And by prepping, I mean styling. But unlike my normal routine of styling homes, this week I’m talking fashion. Although I’d like to think I have a keen sense of style in not only in my house but my closet as well, I needed to bring in the big guns. So, this week I asked true fashion guru and styling professional Lindsey Nolan for her help. And let me tell you, I was blown away! I feel as if someone has come in and not only changed my closet but my life, too.

Seriously- everyone needs to do this.

Lindsey is a celebrity wardrobe stylist, creative director and costume designer. Although this is just a minor list of her accomplishments, you may have seen some of her work in Vogue and on New Girl and Taylor Swift.  Despite the amount of A-listers she’s worked with, Lindsey also offers her services to the ordinary person, all at a reasonable price.

Just when you think you have thought of every outfit combination, Lindsey swoops in with a new idea. She wastes no time as she gets right to work getting rid of clothes that are worn- including those pieces you’ve been reluctant to let go of.  “We can do better than this.”, she said as she guided me down the right path in my perfect heel-clutch combination, of course. It’s almost as if she’s a real-life Fairy Godmother. In just one swipe of her wand, I had a whole new outlook on my wardrobe.

By hiring a stylist like Lindsey and I, you have the ability to revamp your life in the areas you didn’t even think you needed it most.

So whether its your life, home, closet- or even all three. Always remember,

“We can do better than this.”

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