Ins & Outs: 2020

It’s a new year, and as Heidi Klum used to say “one day you’re in, and the next day you’re out,” so it’s time to decide where you’ll be in 2020. We’ve gathered a list of the trends that will be here to stay for the year to come, and trends that will need to be left in the past. We head to the shows, we do the trend-spotting, and we work with the top industry vendors to bring you the latest palettes, styles, trends, and concepts for the new year. Let’s start with trends that are “In”; they’re here to stay, or are on the rise for 2020.



Curves are very “in” for 2020, and I’m not talking about mine! A revival of the Art Déco style, curved lines, and rounded shapes will be seen everywhere from furniture, to accessories, to lighting, and more.

Image 1: Designed by @JenniferWelchDesigns; Image via @CaraWoodhouseInteriors,  Image 2: Designed by @gregnatale; Image via @WidellBoschetti

Wood Grains:

Burl Woods, Birds Eye Maple, and other striking wood grains are going to be everywhere- especially when mixed with clean modern lines to create contrast.

Image 1: Designed by @FoleyandCox; Photographed by; Image via @ArchDigest, Image 2: Designed by @scoutdesignstudio; Photographed by @nathanschroderphoto

Home Tech:

Oh, Hi Tech! Technology isn’t just on-the-rise, it’s taking over! You may not even realize it, but we’re already working with it now. Our Alexas, Google Homes, and Siris are understanding our likes & dislikes, and are even reminding us when to reorder coffee. Furniture and accessories are also on-trend with tech, featuring built-in USB ports and wireless charging, motorized reclining, and even beds with under-bed censored lighting… yay no more stubbed toes! Tech is also being integrated into hardware; especially in luxury kitchen and bathroom products! Faucets from companies like Brizo Faucet feature touch technology and voice activation features!

Images and designs via @BrizoFaucet and @Westelm

Mixed Metals:

We are SO tired of builder-grade hardware, and sticking to one metal throughout a house! Mix it up people! I literally have chrome, luxe gold, and black in my kitchen alone. Get on-board with creatively mixing metals, woods, and other materials…as long as it’s all in good taste!

Image 1: Designed by @WidellBoshetti; Photographed by @BrianWetzelphoto,  Image 2: Designed by @GreyHuntInteriors;Photographed by @StacyZarinGoldberg

Black & White:

I know, I know… you’re going to say “But Sallie, that has always been around,”. So true… you’re not wrong! Black and white certainly has been around for a longtime, but take a look at how it is being used now. Texture is going to be the new spin on black and white design.  Keeping your palette neutral, feel free to layer in various textures for depth and interest.

Image 1: Designed by @JenniferWelchDesigns; Photographed by @JoshWelch_Image 2: Designed by @AliBuddInteriors


COLORS galore! Okay, Pantone made the blue lover’s year, but we here at GHI feel like you can’t lock anyone into one singular color. We love them all! Though cool colors have been getting lots of attention lately, we are seeing warm tones (that have previously taken a back-seat), now making a comeback in a fresh new way!For those of you who had the yellow walls and burgundy dining rooms of 15 years ago, don’t fret, it’s not coming back quite like that!

We also love seeing Hunter Green come back in-style. Did you know that “Hunter Green” is a part of our family heritage? That is a whole other story/blog…but the short version is that we are from the Hunter Klan that coined the color “Hunter Green” as huntsman for the King. Previously, the Royal Hunters wore Royal Scottish Red to hunt, then one day they got the idea to try to blend-in so their prey couldn’t see them, hence creating Hunter Green. The official first camo! More about that later, but we love seeing our family color coming back hard-core!

Image 1: Designed by @JoneEnanHome; Image via @AshleyStarkImage 2: Designed by @Haneens_Haven


Wall moldings and textural wallpapers  are going to be very in for 2020. We’ve talked a lot about adding texture and depth to your spaces, and what better way than with subtle layers of wall décor. Layer on textured wall papers, moldings, and framed artwork for a fully styled look in the new decade!

Image 1:Designed by @Gramercydesign; Photo via @ashleystark, Image 2: Designed by @ChangoAndCo

Good Taste:

It is always “in” to design in good taste. Gaudy, tacky, and cheesy are not going to be your buzzwords in 2020! Designing in “good taste” is always about balance, layers, texture, and this year will be no different.

Designed by @GreyHuntInteriors; Photographed by @ChristyKosnicInteriors


And now, for the section of the page that you never want to see yourself in… the “outs”. These are trends that are being left-behind in 2019, or are on the decline, so it’s time to divest.

Copy Cat:

Let’s be honest, “keeping up with the Jones’ ” or trying to copy your neighbor has always been out-of-style, but that couldn’t be any truer now. Home design is all about making a space feel like your home, and in-order for it to feel like you, it needs to be a space that is unique to you! So let’s strive for unique designs and individuality in 2020. (Keep that in-mind when you’re getting dressed too! Nobody likes an outfit copier).

The One-Stop-Shop:

Don’t find it all in one store! Shopping at one store exclusively ends up creating a dull and monotonous space. Make sure you shop boutiques, antique stores, and mom-and-pop-shops to mix it up! And NEVER buy the full “set”- you’re better than that!

50 Shades of ONLY Grey:

For you grey lovers, DON’T WORRY, grey will always be a part of the palette, but you are going to see a lot more injections of color coming up. Grey is a great place to start, but don’t stop there! Try adding pops of color, texture, and layers to bring interest to these monochromatic grey rooms.

Builder-Grade ANYTHING:

Buying builder-grade anything is ALWAYS “out” folks! From lighting to faucets, to paint, to countertops… it’s going to have to be a no from me. Please listen to me on this one because builder-grade finishes are always a dead-giveaway. If you’re doing a new build, do NOT invest in the builder’s “upgrades”, do those finishes custom yourself and install when you move in. You’ll thank me later.

Timid Design:

Being afraid of design and décor is so “last season”. It’s time to be brave with your décor and design decisions. Your space should reflect your style, so make it bold!