Happy Fathers Day!

Getting involved in design was an easy decision for me because of my dad. He sparked my interest in the world of creating and taught me lessons I still incorporate into my life and business today. My parents moved to the U.S. from England before my siblings and I were born, which is where my father learned the trade to his many crafts. From as young as I can remember he was always trying to teach me the many lessons he learned. From building homes and furniture, to restoring classic European cars, he highly valued and emphasized authenticity and timelessness in design. My earliest memories are of my father teaching me the European method to building, always stating he “built structures that could last thousands of years!”. Even my color theories today originated from time shared with him when he would restore his client’s cars. He would have to mix his own paints to be able to authenticate the look of a 20-year-old aged green, a task that’s not as simple as it sounds. It was then he would sit me down and quiz me on the colors he used, their names, and how to get the perfect shade. His grit and dedication to creating to the best of his ability not only won him many awards, but has seeped into my own thought process and subsequently, my own business. And for that, I will forever be grateful. So, cheers to all the fathers out there! For molding us, protecting us, and building us a foundation to be successful!

I found not only some personal pictures (excuse the quality, lol!), but also the perfect house in an article by Dwell that showcases a home built around their vintage cars. Keep scrolling for some pics I snagged from that and for more in depth info, check out the link to Dwell!

My dad

My father designed and built this house, which I lived in after I was born!

All of us packed in a vintage car, of course!

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Matt Fajkus Architecture

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