Finding Inspiration in Florida

As I finally have unwound from my trip to Florida this past weekend, I wanted to share some of my experiences! Although this trip wasn’t design related, I can’t ever help but be inspired by my surroundings. I did a lot of trend spotting for summer and relaxation styles. One of my main points coming out of this trip was bringing in nature to your designs. By introducing your space to creams and whites and working with different types of woods, you can really open your space up to that natural feel. Since natural tones and looks tend to be most relaxing, don’t be afraid to pull your pallet from your environment.

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My girlfriends and I celebrating @jwsinteriors birthday!

Such a relaxing room. When can I go back?

Such a cozy lookout. Notice all the creams and wood!

Love the idea of putting the rug on the grass!

These little cabanas we’re to die for

The lobby looked like a dream!