DIY: Romantic Recipie

Hello all! With Valentine’s day quickly approaching, many of us may still be stumped on what to do for your special person. Although chocolates, jewelry and a romantic dinner is likely anticipated by many, one of the most romantic gestures can be set up in your own home! Whether it be after a home cooked meal or a dinner out, setting up a romantic ambiance isn’t as hard as you think. And more importantly, not as expensive! For my own DIY romantic recipe I played with two looks- I kept it soft and sweet with the blush and white, then I spiced it up and got sassy with the cheetah print. Throw in their favorite flowers and a bottle of bubbly and get cozy! Not only will your significant other enjoy the set-up, they will appreciate the thoughtfulness and effort the most.

My DIY look: Wrapping paper $3, pillow $12 each, fur $17, candles $6.

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