High Point Market: Design Bloggers Tour Spring 2019

Hello fab friends! We have a ton of exciting news to share with you all. Not only are we exactly one month out from heading to High Point Market (woohoo!), but to top it off we’ve been selected as one of ten bloggers for their Design Bloggers Tour in partnership with Esteem Media (double woohoo!!).

If you’re unfamiliar, High Point Market is THE interior design event to attend each year. It’s held biannually (because once a year just isn’t enough), in High Point, NC. Once there, you’re welcomed to a plethora of showrooms from the top home interior companies. Each are ready to show out with the latest in innovation and creativity in design!

While at the market, the GreyHunt team will be dividing and conquering. Sallie & Aida will be mainly focusing on the showrooms for GreyHunt/our clients. While I, Alyssa, will be going to the showrooms with exclusive access (thanks to my fancy press badge) to get a closer look at the latest and greatest design trends/products for you all! All I can say is…I’m SO excited. Also, super honored to be part of a tour that consists of nine other fabulously talented designers and bloggers!

If you don’t already follow us on social media, or haven’t signed up for our blog notifications, the time is N O W! We will be covering the event not only on the blog, but also on Instagram (@greyhuntinteriors) and Facebook (GreyHunt Interiors LLC).

Be sure to mark your calendars for April 6-10th to get live streams/posts of us there, and then check back in here on the blog for final thoughts. Trust me, you won’t want to miss this. Oh, and you should also be following the other bloggers on tour as they will have their own unique perspectives to share–which means more ideas and inspiration for us all (triple woohoo!).

Tour Bloggers

As if all that wasn’t enough, the tour is sponsored by some pretty amazing companies. Like…amazing, amazing. Check out the list below to see what I mean!

Tour Sponsors