Home & Design: Celebrating 20 Years in Style

We recently got to celebrate not only being named “Icons of Design” by Home & Design magazine, but they also are celebrating 20 years in the bizz!! Woohoo! To celebrate this fabulous milestone, some of Northern VA’s most talented designers gathered on the rooftop of the Wharf at La Vie to gave a toast to […]

HPMKT: Color Trends

Oh, hello there! If you’ve been following us during our time on the Design Bloggers Tour, you’d know we’ve given some fab (& important) updates in our recent blogs. First, we gave a rundown in our Sponsor Spotlight post in what amazing companies we visited. Then, we touched base on what’s in when we talked Trend Alerts. Now […]

High Point Market: Trend(s) Alert

Hello, all! Hopefully you saw our last blog on our return from High Point Market and the Design Bloggers Tour, but if you didn’t- fear not! You can easily catch up on what you missed, here. As a quick recap, our last blog shined a spotlight on the sponsors who were gracious enough to host […]

High Point Market Sponsor Spotlight

Hello there fab friends, we’ve missed you! We know you have all been anxiously waiting for our updates from our time at High Point Market on the Design Bloggers Tour, and BOY do we have a lot to share! Hopefully you all have seen our social media posts as a sneak peak to some of the […]

Get on Trend with these Mid Century Modern Lighting Ideas

Midcentury modern is a design style/phrase you should be familiar with unless, let’s be honest, you live under a rock- Ha! From the well-known home furnishing company westelm, all the way to Target, it’s no secret midcentury modern has been on trend. However, like most other design styles, it has evolved throughout the years making the […]

While We’re Away…

Hi there fab friends! This week we’re getting some much-needed R&R (YES!). Although we’ll be gone, we couldn’t fathom the idea of leaving you all without some weekly inspo. So, we threw together a random mix of interiors with no rhyme or reason- just stuff we loved! We’re positive at least one of these spaces […]

High Point Market: Design Bloggers Tour Spring 2019

Hello fab friends! We have a ton of exciting news to share with you all. Not only are we exactly one month out from heading to High Point Market (woohoo!), but to top it off we’ve been selected as one of ten bloggers for their Design Bloggers Tour in partnership with Esteem Media (double woohoo!!). […]

Gorgeous Waterfall Island Ideas You’ll Love

Kitchen islands are something we are all familiar with…or at least I hope. It’s that floating piece, usually centered, in a kitchen where not just good food can be created and eaten, but great conversation can flow. You know what makes things flow in a kitchen even better? A gorgeous waterfall island! What separates this […]

12 Wonderfully Wallpapered Bathrooms

We’ve just begun wrapping up another design project, and for this home we used a l o t of wallpaper. Their powder room, for example, was a super fun spot we got to play around with a bunch of different  prints, styles, and colors…all of which are endless when it comes to the power of […]

NY Fashion Week: A Designer Love Story

There’s no better way to start your Thursday than getting to wake up in New York for Fashion Week. During this week much of my time is centered around not just fashion but home ‘fashion’, too. As some of you know, Jason Wu and Brizo teamed up to create an exclusive bath collection that tells […]

11 Blush Crush Worthy Interiors

Pink has always been one of my favorite colors so just beware there may be some bias when I write about it. It’s a color I have not only incorporated in my home but in tons of other client’s homes as well. Most of us enjoy this shade (even some men out there) and the […]


#DecorAdoption is the new hashtag you should not only be participating in but also sharing with your fab friends. It’s our way to remind others to reduce, reuse, and refurbish when it comes to interior design decor. Not only is it beneficial to our environment, it can also be super fun! So, go antiquing, yard […]