Carving out Space in your home

This week I began cleaning out my garage to make room for a surprise nerf gun pegboard wall for my boys, which I am unapologetically excited for. As I struggle to keep my secret project under wraps, it dawned on me I needed to share some space saving inspirations. I know most of us struggle in finding a good way to reduce clutter in a stylish way- So check out what I picked below!

What a darling vanity! Pic via Instagram @jla_designs.

Shelves are always a great space-saving tip, but even better than just regular shelves? Corner ones! Pic via

Pegboard-away all your space problems. Great use of wall space!

Not closet, no problem! Such a cute, industrial look. Pic via

Love the minimalist feel of this office- My own desk? Not so minimalistic. Pic via