8 Bathroom Upgrades You Can Accomplish in One Weekend

Getting the designer look for less (money & time) is always the goal we have when it comes to transforming our homes. Right? Well, one of the best places to start turning that builder grade into a DIY designer dream space is your bathroom! Whether you’re looking to upgrade a master bath, powder room, or really just about any spot with a sink and “golden throne”– these are 10 easy things you can check off that can not only be replaced affordably but also in a timely manner. There’s no doubt your guests will be asking “who designed this space?!” in no time!

  1. Update your toilet accessories: Changing up your toilet roll holder and your toilet handle may not seem like something at the top of your to-do list, but trust me when I say it’s those tiny details that have the biggest impact. It makes your spaces feel like thought was put into every detail. Which, duh- it was!
  2. Install floating shelves: Not only do shelves provide more storage so you can store your necessities with ease, but it also gives you a great space to showcase some sweet decor.
  3. Get new art: Art is one of the easiest things to replace that impacts the vibe of your space entirely!
  4. Throw in some wallpaper: With loads of peel & stick wallpapers now available at our fingertips, we can easily transform our spaces without the hassle old wallpapers used to put up!

5. Brighten things up with new lighting: Although lighting may be more of a challenge when it comes to install, the options you have for luxurious and affordable pieces are endless! Just make sure you either know what you’re doing when replacing them or you have an electrician ready to help!

6. New Faucets: Just like lighting, faucets can take a little more time and effort with install but replacing this key part makes all the difference!

7. Paint your cabinets: As long as you properly prepare your cabinets for their make over, you can definitely get this done over the weekend. Just be sure to be patient enough to let those parts dry all the way before adding your coats!

8. Hardware Upgrades: Hardware is one of my favorite ways to transform your cabinets (besides paint, of course!). Finding the right style can be fun and the install is a breeze! Don’t be afraid to take the extra time to make sure it’s centered juuuust right.