Down Right Interest

So I totally have a thing for adding interest to ceilings. I’m talking paint, wallpaper, stencils, you name it. Although things have been looking up for me with this trend, I want to take things down this week and give you peeps some interest on the floor (and maybe also because getting ceilings in an interior shot is just not as appealing to the eye as one would think.). Anyway, tile work can be tricky as it can be tedious and down right expensive. So, unless there is a tile tell sign you are going to be in love every day, avoid the super trendy shapes and patterns as they will be ready for an update before you know it. In contrast, choose a classic pattern or design, even something worldly with the right mix of funk and classic.

Just keep scrollin’ and all your inspo needs will be answered…

Herringbone is totally it for me! (Just used this style in my master bath). Classic look and the slate tile makes it a totally functional space. Via Pinterest

Loving how this space is oozing with flare! Via

Don’t feel blue from this tile job! Via

Threw in some fun pattern! Via

This space is giving me a Greek feel! Via

Classic black and white…! Via