NY Fashion Week: A Designer Love Story

There’s no better way to start your Thursday than getting to wake up in New York for Fashion Week. During this week much of my time is centered around not just fashion but home ‘fashion’, too. As some of you know, Jason Wu and Brizo teamed up to create an exclusive bath collection that tells a story of how home design and fashion design collide. This got me thinking…why don’t I borrow Jason for a second so we (okay, maybe still just I) can tell the same story together! By pulling together looks from Jason Wu’s Spring 2019 Lookbook and pairing them with some inspiring interiors, I think I can offically say I’ve pulled off the ultimate designer love story. Don’t believe me? Keep scrollin’.

‘Look #6’ paired up with this gorgeous kitchen- Aren’t they just a match made in heaven?! Interior design by Neal Beckstedt.

‘Look #5’ paired with this living room hold similar minimalistic values but their color combos make them anything but simple. The ‘Walsh St House’ designed by Robin Boyd, photo by thedesignfiles.net.

‘Look #11’ colors and ingenious pleated pattern makes me think back to the classics. So throwing in a traditionally designed space as it’s partner was no question here! Interior designer unknown.

Another classic combo with ‘Look #7’ and this gorgeous bathroom. Three words- to die for. Interior design by Annie Brahler.

‘Look #4’ and this boho bedroom make for the perfect beachy babes! Interior design by Sarah Sherman Samuel.

I know the colors between ‘Look #12’ and this bathroom aren’t exaaaactly the same, but for how long I spent searching for this one, it will have to do! Interior design by Woodlark hotel.

I’m so obsessed with ‘Look #16’, and its ruffled bottom makes me think traditional all the way, as you can see with my interior of choice! Interior design by Hôtel du Marc.

This amazing dress isn’t from Jason Wu’s lookbook, but it was a custom made by him for Camilla Belle for this year’s Golden Globes. It’s so beautiful it outshines any interior I put next to it. Although, this living room does put up a good fight! Left photo via dailymail.co.uk, interior designer unknown.