New You, New Home

Happy New Year! As to be expected, with every new year is a list full of resolutions just waiting to be tackled. You dream of a healthier and happier lifestyle. And although these resolutions typically target your appearance or character, many people forget about the other part of what makes you, “you” — your home!  Extend your goals beyond the typical scribble of “get organized” on your 2017 list. Instead, find a way to take that organization into the workings of your home. Organization is also an opportunity for getting rid of what’s been hampering your lifestyle. Do the things in your home inspire you or do they make you feel blasé?  You don’t have to completely redecorate – simply changing some of the accent pieces can give your home a new look and feel.  By purging what’s old and outdated, you can make room for the new and trendy. Check in next week on what trends are up and coming in 2017.

Here are some of my wish-list looks for my 2017 home.

Absolutely love the subtle but bold hints of black! Designer unknown

Dark and chic! Nicole- Sketch42

This dramatic yet elegant room is to die for! Christine- Bijou & Boheme