New York Fashion Week

And just like that I blinked and New York Fashion Week came and went and I’m here writing to you all once again about my gushing love for home and fashion.

Each time I get to experience this week I can’t help but think of just how much home and fashion go hand in hand. I mean seriously, each are your own personal brand of yourself- the image you put out into the world that gets reactions from others. Regardless of your own personal style, whoever you are reflections of yourself can be seen in the clothes you wear and the home you live in.

The perfect duo that reflects this in the home and fashion industry are Brizo and Jason Wu who teamed up to release their own fashion-home line of faucets. If you don’t know, Brizo is known for mixing high-end fashion with a high-end home. And as one of the lead designers in the fashion world, Jason Wu was a perfect fit for collaboration. With its forward-thinking and sleek design, the Brizo & Jason Wu line brought the trend of matte black and offered it to your home, perfect for those of us with an edgy side. Even if matte black isn’t your thing you can find this gorgeous line in chrome and brushed nickel for a more traditional finish.

Aside from being able to chat with Jason again, I was surprised to be approached by his husband who totally remembered who I was (don’t worry, I kept my excited squeal to myself). By being approached with a warm, personal greeting like that truly makes my experience special. So, that was certainly a highlight and memory I will hold on to. But it also gets me thinking, what could possibly happen next that will top the past two years!? I can’t even imagine but I’m excited for next year to find out!

P.s. another thing YOU peeps should be looking forward to? A new line from Brizo that will be making its debut soon…stay tuned! And not to add too much more to your future to-do list, BUT stay tuned this week for an additional NYFW blog on fashion trends.

Check out some of the shots done by the talented Jayme Thorton, whom you should also be following on Instagram @JaymeThorton and Facebook at Jayme Thorton Photography.

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Me supporting my handsome beau, Judd! Photography by Jayme Thorton.

Prepping for the runway! Photography by Jayme Thorton.

Just some of the gorgeous looks by Jason Wu. Photography by Jayme Throton.

Jason and Judd discussing the latest on Brizo & Jason Wu collection. Photography by Jayme Throton.

Here’s the fabulous team of talented Brizo and Jason Wu designers! Photography by Jayme Throton.