Match-Maker: Fashion + Design

It’s Valentine’s Day… and what a perfect day to celebrate the marriage of my two favorite things; fashion and interior design! Last week, I got to attend Jason Wu’s Collection Fall 2020 show at New York Fashion Week. It has become a kind of tradition to go to the show with (my soon to be husband) Judd! It all started a few years ago with Jason Wu’s (amazing) collection with Brizo Faucet (if you haven’t seen it, check it out here), and it has now become an annual event for us!

As a designer, Jason Wu is such an inspiration to me! His passion and vision are unparalleled, and his designs are always fresh and fun. As you all know, I love black & white, but I am also a big fan of a bold pop-of-color, and this new Fall 2020 collection delivered both! All of us here at GHI are so excited that color is back in such a big way this year, so we had to highlight that in our design choices.

As a special V-Day treat, I have paired the runway looks I love, with dreamy interior designs, to prove that fashion and home décor are a match-made-in-heaven. Love these looks? Check out  Jason Wu’s full Fall 2020 Collection here.

This frothy full-feathered frock is a lightweight and feminine design, so I paired it with a fanciful floral wallpapered room! They make SUCH a great match! There’s just something about the femininity of this dress that pairs so well with an eclectic blush space. (Plus, we all know I am a sucker for bold wallpaper!)

Image via |, Photographed by | Isidore Montag

Image via |

Bold, yet business! This power-suit inspired look makes me think of every boss babe in the 80’s, while this dining room gives me a fun mix of mid-century modern and a gorgeous antique store! I love to blend the unexpected and the ordinary, and these bold pops of fuchsia on the runway, and in this dining room, do just that.

Image via | HonestlyWTF, Designed by | Dirk Jan Kinet Interiors

Image via |, Photographed by | Isidore Montag

Jewel tones were ALL OVER the runway for Fall 2020, and they’re easily spotted in home décor too! The gorgeous ruffled texture of the dress is mirrored in the layered textures in this private library. I can’t get enough of this deep rich teal blue (and of course, a wallpapered ceiling HAD to be addressed!)

Image via |, Photographed by | Isidore Montag,

Image via | House Beautiful, Designed by | Jeannette Whitson of Garden Variety Design

Elegant is an understatement when describing BOTH this room AND this dress. This black gown has hints of metallic threads interwoven throughout, adding a small dash of shine to the black sheerness. The hints of shine seen in the legs of the coffee table and the lacquered wall paint in this room, work in the exact same way. Shine and texture play such a big role in both of these designs.

Image via | Architectural Digest, Designed by | William T. Georgia Architect

Image via |, Photographed by | Isidore Montag

I am green-with-envy over this floral tie-neck dress! It’s got such a regal, yet playful, vibe that this room embodies as well! The pattern of the wallpaper gives the space life, while not being distracting, just like the floral print does on the dress. I love a good monochromatic tone-on-tone look as well, and both of these looks deliver just that!

Image via |, Photographed by | Isidore Montag

Image via | Divine Savages featuring their Crane Fonda ‘Emerald’ Wallpaper

Jason is always good for a bold, pop-of-color moment, and so is this fabulous apartment designed for artist Ashley Longshore. Her bold artwork in this space, pairs perfectly with this neon moment on the runway. Based on the use of texture and the unexpected, both the room and the outfit are a perfect 10/10! (Anyone have an event I can attend in this top?)

Image via | House Beautiful, Designed by | Gwen Driscoll

Image via |, Photographed by | Isidore Montag

Color can be so impactful…BUT, so can a lack-of-color. This white billowy gown is perfectly accented, and almost architectural, with the black detailing on the edges. It makes it the perfect match for an architectural room such as this one, where simplicity and shape are king!

Image via | Curated Interior, Designed by | Alyssa Kapito

Image via |, Photographed by | Isidore Montag

I also have to take a moment, because I can’t even begin to thank everyone enough who made this amazing trip possible! From the private fashion show at Saks Fifth Avenue (thanks to Brizo Faucet and The Cannon Media Group), to the amazing girl-power bonding-moment I had on the plane after meeting Brittany Wells, everything was unbelievably amazing. Also, of course, a big shout-out to Jason Wu himself for the drop-dead-gorgeous show… NYFW never disappoints!