Lights, Camera, Style!

This past week has been nothing but hectic for GreyHunt. Between our regular work we also had a photoshoot planned. And if you don’t know, it takes hours of prep and styling. Not to mention the total intrusion you have to have over your clients house, including getting everything put back together as if you weren’t just all up in their space.  Although it was a lot of work I am so excited with how amazing everything turned out and can’t wait to show it off! With all the madness aside, I was feeling inspired and ended up keeping most of what I bought for the shoot for myself (oops!) and got busy up re-styling my basement and kitchen this weekend. So with that being said, get inspired to style and just have fun with it. And as always, check out what I picked out below!

Little shot of my basement after I had some fun styling it up!

White vases always find a way to really pop in a space.

Got these exact throws for my client!

So chic!

Not only is this a great book on design, it looks great too! Love using this to add height to a space.

Cute way to store away those blankets in the summer months.

Another piece I used at my clients house. Super great for lighting up a space all on a budget!

Almost exactly like the one I have! Fill it up with some hydrangeas and voila!

Gotta love a good tray on a coffee table!