Kids Workspaces & Distance Learning Essentials

No matter how your kids are going back to school this fall, they’re going to need their own designated workspace at home. Whether your kids have a corner in your office, a seat at the dining room table, or their own dedicated nook – a kids workspace is going to be a must for surviving this school year! To help you get through the semester, we’ve gathered some of our favorite A+ kids workspaces to inspire, and we’ve curated a list of the best distance learning essentials to help you transform your space at home.

If you have tons of room, or feel like there’s no extra space in your house, we have a variety of ideas about how to set up a workspace for your kids. So keep scrolling to get inspired!


(Image 1: Designed by @GreyHuntInteriors, Image 2: Designed by @TurnerPocock,  Image 3: Designed by @ChangoAndCo )

The title is a little deceiving, because it’s actually not troublesome at all!  By creating a workspace that can fit multiple kids (or that can even include a workspace for you) you maximize your available space! These workspaces include at least 2 designated desks (and can go up to 3 and 4) and have plenty of storage to give each kid the space they need to stay organized, motivated, and on-task!

We’re loving the bulletin boards and the brightly colored chairs in these designs – and they’ll definitely be light and cherry places for the kids to work all through the winter!


(Image 1: Designed by @ChangoAndCo , Image 2: Designed by @iHeartOrganizing)

If a separate room for your child’s workspace is totally out-of-the-question, then maybe consider building a workspace into their bedroom. This way, their school work and supplies stay all in one place and they stay out of your hair during the school day. If your kids have the space, a designated set of built-ins or a desk with a bookshelf can be a great way to set up their bedroom work area. (No matter what, they’ll likely need a writing surface and some kind of minimal storage to house books & supplies).

Keeping in-mind the age of your kids is also important when thinking about their workspace. Older kids (like tweens & teens) are more likely to want a workspace in their bedroom, to have some separation and the ability to focus better.

*Pro Tip: Carry any current theme or color scheme from the bedroom into the workspace area, this will create a cohesive overall design and make the space feel bigger.


(Image 1: Designed by @CleanDesignPartners, Image 2: Designed by @iHeartOrganizing , Image 3: Via Pinterest)

Sometimes the room for a potential workspace is exactly where you’d least expect it – in the closet. If your child has a sizable closet, consider turning the space into a workstation. By removing closet doors and adding in a desk, some shelving, and a bright task light, you can quickly transform a kid’s closet into the perfect at-home office!

These 3 chic closets create the perfect work-nooks for kids (of all ages) to do a full-day of distance learning or an evening of homework.


(Image 1: Via @TheContainerStore , Image 2: Via @CrateandBarrel)

If space is tight, or if your kids prefer to work in the dining room/kitchen, then a mobile workstation might be exactly what you’re looking for. From metal carts complete with iPad holsters, peg boards and pencil cups, to a rolling acrylic bookshelf- there’s a variety of options out-there for designing a “mobile workstation” for your kids. These mobile workstations keep all of the kid’s books, supplies, and papers stowed away neatly in one simple, easy to use space – plus, with personalized name tags and storage bins, there’s no confusion as to whose stuff is whose!


A round-up of our 7 top organizational supplies to keep your kids workspace looking A+ worthy all school-year long! From paper organizers, to marker totes, to a rolling rack that can store it all – we think you’re going to like what we’ve picked. (p.s. there’s links to below to shop anything you see- and it’s all under $50!)

  1. iDesign Linus Divided Lazy Susans ($17.99-$24.99), 2. Homework & Paper Storage Starter Kit ($29.96), 3. ArtBin Double Beep Super Satchel ($29.99), 4. Large Mint Metal Stacking Storage Bin ($49.00), 5. White 3-Tier Rolling Cart ($34.99),  6. Medium SmartStore Tote & Inserts ($3.99-$11.99), 7. Boon White Stash Multi-Room Organizer ($24.99)