Cool Kids Spaces for Summer

As I prepare for my boys to be taking over my house for the summer months, I wanted to share some spaces dedicated just for the kids. Allowing your kids to create, relax and play in an area just for them gives everyone the freedom and space you’ll be glad to have (trust me, I know this, I work from home!). Check out the spaces I loved the most!

Love the organization of this space! Photo via project, photography by John Woodcock.
Perfect little kitchen for a sophisticated kid! Pic via
Currently in the works of putting in a chalk-board wall in one of my clients kids spaces! Pic via Pinterest.
Perfect lounge space after a long day of fun. Pic via handmade
Fun industrial space! Pic via
Super cozy reading nook, love the rug! Pic via
This is area is to die for! Pic via
Oh, the fun my boys would have in here! Check out those wood beams!! Pic via Pinterest.