Red-dy for the Fourth?

Pulling together an outdoor dining space can be daunting- especially in this VA heat. But, with the fourth coming up and mid-summer here, getting set up to have guests over is an absolute must! Aside from getting the perfect table setting, first you need to start with the perfect foundation- a strong, level surface.  And […]

Happy Fathers Day!

Getting involved in design was an easy decision for me because of my dad. He sparked my interest in the world of creating and taught me lessons I still incorporate into my life and business today. My parents moved to the U.S. from England before my siblings and I were born, which is where my […]

My Master Bath Reveal

Today’s blog is one I am VERY excited to share with you all as it has been on my wish list for oh so very long- my master bath! I’ve had this project in the works for a while, looking for the perfect tiling, lighting, fixtures (all Brizo everything), even down to the handle on the […]

We’re Going Abroad!

Happy Friday! This week calls for two blogs because one of the members of the GreyHunt fam, Alyssa, will be heading abroad today! So, this blog is dedicated to introducing her to you all as she will be sharing some of her experiences along the way. Alyssa has been working for me since 2015 and has […]

Happy Mothers Day!

Women are amazing but mom’s take it to the next level of super hero status!  They lift you up, support you, cook for you and everything else in between. Even at my *undisclosed* age, my mom is still my most amazing super hero!  She has always been my biggest fan and supporter, and has helped […]

Outdoor Inspo

Wake up, wake up its the first of May! And you know as they always say…April showers bring May… outdoor furniture? Hm. Not too sure if thats how it goes but thats certainly my rendition on it. If you’re from the Northern VA/D.C. area you know May is the month where warm weather starts to be […]

Mrs. Bush & Books

With the recent passing of Barbara Bush, I couldn’t help but think to share some library inspo. If you didn’t know, Mrs. Bush has been a leading lady in the fight against illiteracy. Her works continued well beyond her years at The White House. Just so you peeps can get a better idea of what I’m talking […]

Down Right Interest

So I totally have a thing for adding interest to ceilings. I’m talking paint, wallpaper, stencils, you name it. Although things have been looking up for me with this trend, I want to take things down this week and give you peeps some interest on the floor (and maybe also because getting ceilings in an interior […]

Hey, Baby!

Hello peeps! Today I wanted to touch base on a project I recently just wrapped up! For this clients home I was asked to recreate almost the entire house, but one of my favorite parts was the nursery for the welcoming of my tiniest client, little baby B. The intent of this nursery was to […]


Another Spring inspired post…another weekend with snow in the forecast. Despite the current discouraging prediction I’m feeling certain warm weather will be here in D.C. area by AT LEAST June. Seriously, with the rate we’re going we’d be lucky for even that! Anyways, back to business. Today I picked out some fab sandals and cross-body bags because its […]

Mid-Century Modern

It’s no secret that the mid-century modern has been a trend on the rise. I’ve been seeing it almost everywhere! From kitchens to bathrooms to living rooms, this style is fit for any space. Mid-Century modern encompasses sleek, modern elements that stretch to give an almost minimalistic feel. It’s a trend I’m loving right now and […]

Color Theory: Navy Blue

Well I’m apparently feeling the blues this month, but only in the most figurative way. And this week I’m diving deeper into navy! Navy is one of my favorite colors to play with as it offers a deep, drama much like a black all while simultaneously bringing in a pop of color. From fashion to […]