Designer Potty Talk

So often we avoid talking about our private area. Yeah, that’s right, the private area where our guests tend to go when they need to go. We slap some paint on it, throw in a hand towel and call it a day. Why? This is the least expensive room to redo with endless options! Here […]

Living Rooms are no Longer Living

When it comes to a home’s living room, many people write it off as a room with no use. For a space that is intended for living (literally, it’s in the title!) it has become DEAD! My friend Jolie and I have had this conversation time and time again, and something needs to be done. […]

Glam Closets: from Disaster to Designer

  Do you have a dirty little secret? Is it a cringe-worthy closet? If you answered yes, then it’s time to make a change! People fail to realize the impact this one space can have on their lives. By having a disorganized closet, not only are you more prone to stress, but the cluttered space makes […]

Wrapping up 2015 and Hello 2016

Happy New Year! Starting this blog means I can check off one of my 2016 New Year’s resolutions! January 2016 marks GreyHunt Interior’ s seventh year of business. With a desire to go beyond sharing my ideas for clients, this blog provides a platform to inspire people’s lives and spaces on a much larger base. […]