Get Decked Out for Spring

With warm weather making its way, I got some spring fever and started looking for my next project, my outdoor space! Check out my inspo and the pieces I picked out. Click the pics to see the links!                

Love your Lighting

Welcome! This week I really wanted to emphasize the lighting in your home. Just like jewelry, the lighting you choose can act as an eye-catching accessory. Look how I paired some stunning lighting to go with some of my favorite accessories!

Design Crushes

Happy Valentine’s Day! Here are some of my favorite looks by my designer crushes! First, we have Jennifer Schmidt with JWS Interiors! Not only am I fortunate enough to know Jennifer, I have had the pleasure of helping her this past May for this loft space in NYC. This space was for Elevate Design Collective […]

DIY: Romantic Recipie

Hello all! With Valentine’s day quickly approaching, many of us may still be stumped on what to do for your special person. Although chocolates, jewelry and a romantic dinner is likely anticipated by many, one of the most romantic gestures can be set up in your own home! Whether it be after a home cooked […]

Designer Digs

Home inspired fashion! Here’s what’s on my wish list.

Reduce, Reuse, Refurbish!

Hello all! Since starting my own revamping’s in 2016, I’ve been expanding my newfound style throughout my home. This weekend I got to cross off a long-awaited item on my to-do list. I finally recovered and refurbished chairs for my living room! I don’t know about you, but there’s just something exhilarating about giving new […]

Keeping Track of the Trends: 2017

Hopefully you have begun purging the old and seldom used items in your home to make room for 2017 trends. Although there will be new styles every year, there’s just something exhilarating about finding the one thing that really fits you, and this could be your time! For me, 2016 was a great year and […]

New You, New Home

Happy New Year! As to be expected, with every new year is a list full of resolutions just waiting to be tackled. You dream of a healthier and happier lifestyle. And although these resolutions typically target your appearance or character, many people forget about the other part of what makes you, “you” — your home! […]

First Impressions: Decorating Your Entryway

We all want to make a good first impression when we walk out the door to go meet people, but how about making a good impression when people come to your home? Like many of us, we maybe just throw a table or hall tree in the space and call it a day. The entryway […]

Designer Potty Talk

So often we avoid talking about our private area. Yeah, that’s right, the private area where our guests tend to go when they need to go. We slap some paint on it, throw in a hand towel and call it a day. Why? This is the least expensive room to redo with endless options! Here […]

Living Rooms are no Longer Living

When it comes to a home’s living room, many people write it off as a room with no use. For a space that is intended for living (literally, it’s in the title!) it has become DEAD! My friend Jolie and I have had this conversation time and time again, and something needs to be done. […]

Glam Closets: from Disaster to Designer

  Do you have a dirty little secret? Is it a cringe-worthy closet? If you answered yes, then it’s time to make a change! People fail to realize the impact this one space can have on their lives. By having a disorganized closet, not only are you more prone to stress, but the cluttered space makes […]