Beautiful Bathroom Wallpapers

This week I wanted to share an up and coming project with you all. Graham & Brown Wallpapers and Greyhunt are going to be collaborating on a project together- my powder room!

As you all know, I am in a current wallpaper craze. While in this state, I have found Graham & Brown’s wallpaper to be one of a kind. Not only do they produce some of the most gorgeous prints, they have also got this thing down to a science. By creating simple and easy ways to apply and remove it, they cut out one of the only deterrents to using wallpaper.

Each of their designs may tell a different story, but they all have the same ending- a beautiful, seamless finish. Now, let’s explore some of their options!

If you’re looking for a relaxed vibe, then this Seafoam textured wallpaper is perfect for you. Let your eyes get lost in the depth of its swirls as you slip into a stress-free zone. Afraid the white is too bland? Not to worry as this paper is paintable, allowing you to personalize it with your favorite shade of whatever!

Next, we have their Hoppen Stripe wallpaper. Designed by the talented Kelly Hoppen, her take on the nautical stripe is anything but traditional. By incorporating alternating pops of silver within the white and navy, she effortlessly incorporated that subtle interest every space is dying for. And did I mention it’s textured? Like come on, what’s not to love!

Time is something we all feel we don’t have enough of. So why would you waste it tackling a tedious tile job when something like this Checker Blue/White wallpaper exists? The thoughtful color coordination behind this print flawlessly pulls off a perfect tile-like illusion. The minimal upkeep is another thing to note as you don’t have to schedule more time to scrub away at any moldy grout (you can thank me later).

Finally, we have another great alternative to tiling. The Sparkle Black wallpaper is absolutely stunning, I could not be more obsessed! By adding in a glitter ‘grout’, it adds a glamourous yet striking touch, seamlessly breaking up the boldness of the black. Light some candles and step into another dimension to watch it’s sparkles dance like stars in the night sky.

I don’t just love wallpaper because of its unique finish, but it actually can be more practical than traditional methods like painting and tile work. I’m sure many of you may be wondering how realistic it is to use wallpaper in a room prone to wetness and the truth is, it doesn’t matter! Read up on Graham and Brown’s  tips on handling damp  to ensure your space is properly prepared, leaving you with timeless results.

Stay tuned for our next post with them as I document the progress of my own project!