Better Styling for your Bookcases

Styling is one of my favorite parts of my job. Each time I style for a client, boutique space, or even myself, I always try to get as creative as possible. Seeing what I come up with each time holds some excitement knowing I have all the power to create an energy and flow of a space. And for some reason, a bookcase that is well put together sends the message that your life is together….even if it isn’t/will never be.  One of my favorite tips is to always include a personal memento. Whether it be a picture of you and your family,  some kind of heirloom, even a favorite book. Don’t be afraid to truly make the space yours. Check out my tips and inso below!

A little snap of a home office space I did for a client. Stacking is important as it adds height and depth!

In LOVE with the back of this bookcase. Design by Marika Meyer.

For all my bookworms out there. Love the diagonal look with color coordination. Color coordination is another great styling tip!

I’ve always had a love for custom built-ins. Also, consistent accent colors! Pic via Instagram @littleblackdomicile

Love the subtleness of these shelves! Pic via Instagram @melisaclementdesigns

Great use of personal mementos. Also, notice the flowers! Adding some kind of greenery really makes things more fresh and alive. Pic via Dear Lillie