Keeping Track of the Trends: 2017

Hopefully you have begun purging the old and seldom used items in your home to make room for 2017 trends. Although there will be new styles every year, there’s just something exhilarating about finding the one thing that really fits you, and this could be your time! For me, 2016 was a great year and one that I found my kind of niche. After months of playing with the idea of upgrading and intensifying the look of my own home, I did it! Of course, I’m still looking for room to expand on my ideas but there is nothing better than feeling comfortable and confident in the space you spend most of your time in.

First on my list is marble- and I’m not just talking your counter tops! By incorporating in elements like marbled wallpaper and rugs, this elegant look brings in a true sense of serenity. Although it can range from subtle to quite dramatic, it certainly is eye-catching!

In love with this look by Jessie D. Miller Design

Next up, we have my ultimate favorite- painted trim! Although I made this transition myself last year, the way a room dramatically changes with a little coat of paint can truly be breathtaking- enough that it needs to expand into 2017. Here is one of my ultimate favorite looks thanks to Leanne Ford Interiors.

Talk about first impressions! I am absolutely blown away with this entryway.

Finally, we have the cute and quaint look of blush! This color offers you a glamorized feeling that keeps things fresh and light, all while drawing in your attention. I even have started to incorporate it into my own home and GreyHunt as well (hello, my logo!).


This is just so relaxing and refreshing! Design by Little Liberty