11 Blush Crush Worthy Interiors

Pink has always been one of my favorite colors so just beware there may be some bias when I write about it. It’s a color I have not only incorporated in my home but in tons of other client’s homes as well. Most of us enjoy this shade (even some men out there) and the delicate touch it adds to any space. And with Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, I’m using it as an excuse to show you what I mean. So, I got to pink thinking to find my fab friends some killer design inspiration in this sweet shade. In fact, I was on such a hunt that I started typing ‘pinkterest’ in my browser- ha!- but it was all worth it!

Now, I’m not saying you have to start making everything in your house pink…but these designs may have you thinking otherwise! XOXO

Obsessed with the contrast between light pink and dramatic black! Design by Anne-Sophie Pailleret

The wainscoting covered in this pink is to die for!! Design by Mandi Johnson (@madimakes on instagram)

Gold & pink make a killer combo, don’t you think? Photo via Pinterest

That gallery wall just pops off that pink! Design by Simone Isaksen (@simzi88 on instagram)

Bold way to go on the cabinets and I have to say it was the right choice! Design by Cortney Bishop Design

Comfy cozy colorful corner- And can I please mention that cute bedside pendant light!! Design by Miriam Barrio (@miriam.barrio on Instagram)

Seems like a bathroom made for royalty! Photo via Pinterest

Could this get any better? A soft touch with some pink in the sink!! Design by Mandi Johnson (@madimakes on instagram)

Just a hint of this sweet shade here! Photo via Pinterest

Quite the bold blush here but it works perfectly in this black and white living space! Photo via Pinterest

Navy blue and pink are another gorg combo and this kitchen proves it! Photo via toppstiles.co.uk