• Upgrade Your Space: Mixing Metals

    So I know I have totally mentioned this before but it has been such a predominant trend I can’t help but bring it up again! Mixing metals is something I love because it adds interest and takes your space away from feeling like a builders “out the box” look. It makes your space feel more customizable and as a result, more ‘expensive’. What’s not to love!

    Pro Tips:
    1. Choose a dominant metal

    2. Follow it with an accent metal

    4. Mix and match as much as you’d like- I suggest no more than 3 metals, though!

    It looks like they almost have 4 different metals here! The sconces and the hardware on the cabinets are both gold but different finishes- thats an exception I’ll make! Via Pinterest

    Love, love, love this vent! It is certainly a statement piece! Via Instagram @jeanstofferdesign

    Dominant and accent metals! Via stylemepretty.com

    I’m loving the white overhead. Usually I see a lot of mixing with gold silver and black, hardly any white! Via Pinterest

    Slightly distracted over those floors (gorg), but also digging that mixing! Via Instagram @shannoneddingsinteriors

    Simple and sweet! Subtle mixing going on here. Via savyhomeblog.com

    So obsessed with these pendants. And look! Another standout hood. Via honestlywtf.com

    What a beautifully put together space! Notice how the use of metals in this space are carefully thought out and placed. Via jillianlare.com