• Sejin – Great Falls, VA

    “I met Sejin about 10 years ago when she lived in Haymarket, Virginia and became her interior designer. When she moved to Great Fall,Virginia I was thrilled to transform what she had before into something even more grand, elegant but with added bold flare. It expanded into her front courtyard, pavilion and pool in the back yard. When they purchased a rental property in West Palm Beach, Florida we were able together to do a virtual design for her rental property. Sejin is a woman of great elegance, taste and I completely enjoy working with her and I always look forward to the next adventure.”

  • Sejin – West Palm Beach, FL

    “Our vacation home in West Palm Beach is so beautiful and with Sallie’s help, it made our home outstanding! She has such an artistic sense of design and we couldn’t finish it without her. She is not only a great designer but a good friend of ours.”

  • Holiday Decorations

  • Christine – South Riding, VA