• Color Theory: Aqua Blue

    Although it has been a couple of days since mine and my assistant’s birthdays have passed, we just can’t seem to let our celebrations go! Last night we got to enjoy a birthday dinner together as we do every year and decided today’s color theory blog needed to be on aqua blue. (If you don’t […]

  • Upgrade Your Space: Mixing Metals

    So I know I have totally mentioned this before but it has been such a predominant trend I can’t help but bring it up again! Mixing metals is something I love because it adds interest and takes your space away from feeling like a builders “out the box” look. It makes your space feel more […]

  • March Celebrations Part 2!

    Yesterday marked the first of our March celebrations with my assistants birthday! Each year we exchange gifts and it is always centered around jewelry. So, aside from each of our fun designer wishlist from Tuesday we wanted to pull together some of our jewelry must haves! Take a look at what we’re loving! Bracelet  2. Necklace  3. […]

  • March Celebrations!

    Hey all, its officially March!! Aside from the fact that this month marks the beginning of Spring and warm weather we also have some special celebrations here at GreyHunt. Thats right, two of us have birthdays this month (myself included), each less than a week apart! So while we prepare for our parties, check out […]

  • Statement Mirrors

    Incorporating a statement mirror into any space can be the easiest way to add character and dimension to a room. You can go as funky as you want or add the interest as subtly as you want. Either way, mirrors can be just as outstanding as statement art! The difference…your face as the centerpiece! Who […]

  • New York Fashion Week: Trendspotting

    Since returning from Fashion Week, I was so excited to be able to share some of my experience and the great talent I was surrounded with that week! Additionally, I was excited to be able to keep and eye out to spot some trends for you peeps. Its no secret that color is in right […]

  • New York Fashion Week

    And just like that I blinked and New York Fashion Week came and went and I’m here writing to you all once again about my gushing love for home and fashion. Each time I get to experience this week I can’t help but think of just how much home and fashion go hand in hand. […]

  • Quick Tips on Landscaping

    Hey peeps! For today’s blog, I wanted to move the focus of our attention from the inside of our homes to the outside! Since I’m only an interior specialist, I’ve brought in some outside help (pun intended) to get us started. Everyone, meet Pleasant Valley Landscaping. Pleasant Valley Landscaping, meet my peeps! Although cold weather is […]

  • Modern Kitchens: Tips & Trends

    Modern kitchens are all the rave with their sleek, sophisticated design. In fact, did you know architecture and design styles of modernism incorporate straight lines and boxes as a main component in order to offer a sense of predictability to us viewers? Now thats something I can get behind- a consistent flow of predictability in this oh-so unpredictable […]

  • NYE ‘fitspiration

    As 2017 comes to an end almost as fast as it started, the quickly ticking time has left me scrambling to pull together a New Years Eve outfit. Check out what looks I’ve pulled together for the perfect NYE ‘fitspiration or shop my looks for any other occasion making 2018 your most stylish year yet! Look […]