• Interior Design Leesburg VA

    Stephanie – Historic Leesburg, VA

    Sallie Kjos of GreyHunt Interiors is a genius. She has an incredibly eye for style, color and functionality. She can work within any budget and help turn a house into a home. I have worked with Sallie on several projects, some large and some small, and I am so glad for her expertise and look forward to working with her on many other projects.

  • Melinda – South Riding, VA

    “Sallie Kjos is a dream to work with. She immediately shows her expertise by observing your space, asking questions about your style and vision and then offers her own suggestions. She respects your style and choices but is also very honest about what will work and not work and explains why. She’s just real! Not pretentious and not a pushover. She doesn’t immediately push you towards expensive things and actually tries to find you the best bang for your buck. I’ve used Sallie for several projects in my home ranging from splurge pieces to economy. She is happy to do it all.”

  • Linda – Gainesville, VA

    “Sallie, as always you have done an AMAZING job, thus my home not only reflects my taste but my dreams and my heart…I love it all.”

  • Kelly – South Riding, VA

    “Sallie Kjos brightened my home! After moving into a new house, I had a combination of old and new things and she helped me pull it all together so that it flowed. My home flows in color and style and she made that happen. The thing I liked most about working with Sallie is from the very first meeting, she walked through my house, told me what I needed, drew sketches and talked to me about how I could even do things on my own. She was decisive and suggestive but with a gentle professional touch. I loved how she guided me with confidence asking me for my thoughts and opinion but didn’t always defer to me to be nice. I will definitely work with Sallie on my next home project.”

  • Sallie – South Riding, VA

    “It is only fair to show you my home. It is a true eclectic collection ranging from a mirror from my Poppy’s bunglow in England to modern items. I love so many different styles and enjoy putting them all together. I am inspired by my boys Greyson and Hunter which gives me my unique name for GreyHunt Interiors. I am honored to have so many amazing clients that inspire me and truly make my job not feel like a job. Enjoy!”

  • Design & Decor

    GreyHunt Interiors is pleased to be invited into so many homes that for some clients we tackle one room at a time working within our clients budget. No matter what your budget everyone deserves a beautiful space and we love helping to create dream home spaces.

  • Lilia – Staging

    Lilia is a dear friend of mine that I do staging for all the time and calls me “Sallie 911” I was so pleased to get the chance to help her with her new home. This was a fast turn around that we did in 4 weeks! What a difference paint makes!

  • Mary – Chadds Ford, PA

    “Sallie helped us stage our house to sell when we needed to relocate quickly. She was efficient and cost-conscious, and we had two full price offers within three days of listing. We had been proud of our own design efforts, but Sallie took our house to the next level, making it irresistible to buyers even in a challenging market. Our house looks beautiful, and we are so sad to leave it. We cannot thank her enough for making the relocation process easier and look forward to working with her on our new house.”

  • Michael Helene Salon Gallery – Dulles, VA

    “Working with Sallie was a delight. I have been planning my dream salon for 15 years and when It finally came down to decorating I came to the realization that I had too many ideas. Sallie was great in helping me to pull my thoughts together. She has creative fun and has interesting concepts. Although I know I can be a handful to work with she handled it like a true professional. Sallie has an incredible eye for design and was really able to help me get the salon to look like the dream I had envisioned. She worked so hard to understand and even draw out the designs so I could have a visual and put together swatches and samples to help me see the bigger picture. I would work with her again and again. In fact even now when I have ideas I know I can run it past her to see what she thinks and I know I’m gonna get a kind but honest answer. Her esthetic is modern and classic and everything on between she loves what she does and it shows!”

  • Sejin – Great Falls, VA

    “I met Sejin about 10 years ago when she lived in Haymarket, Virginia and became her interior designer. When she moved to Great Fall,Virginia I was thrilled to transform what she had before into something even more grand, elegant but with added bold flare. It expanded into her front courtyard, pavilion and pool in the back yard. When they purchased a rental property in West Palm Beach, Florida we were able together to do a virtual design for her rental property. Sejin is a woman of great elegance, taste and I completely enjoy working with her and I always look forward to the next adventure.”