• New York Fashion Week- Part 2

    Although it felt like ages ago that I was just going through my closet getting styled for New York Fashion Week, THE week we all (well, mostly me) had been waiting for finally happened! NYFW is every designer’s dream experience and I am so grateful to have been able to go. This week is dedicated […]

  • Green Mansions Opening

    A few weeks ago, I had the honor of attending an opening of a brick and mortar, which happens to be owned by one of my dear friends, Rima Gerendas. I met Rima about five years ago, immediately hitting it off. Whether it was discussing inspirations, ideas, or sharing advice, Rima has always demonstrated a […]

  • Fall Front Doors & S’mores

    Although fall décor has been haunting store aisles since mid-July, September is a more reasonable month to start sinking your teeth into a pumpkin or two. Figuratively, of course (unless you love pumpkin spice as much as I do.). Nonetheless, fall is on its way! And what better way descend into the cold by impressing […]

  • Pillow Talk

    With all the changes I made to my wardrobe last week, I felt like I needed to spice things up in my home. Of course, it was just an excuse to buy new throw pillows for my living room and bedroom. But its a designers world, right? Since my home is my never ending project, […]

  • New York Fashion Week- Part 1

    This week I started prepping for the upcoming fashion week in New York. And by prepping, I mean styling. But unlike my normal routine of styling homes, this week I’m talking fashion. Although I’d like to think I have a keen sense of style in not only in my house but my closet as well, […]

  • Clean Room, Clear Mind

    I can now hear the back to school bells chime in the distance as August heads straight towards the finish line almost as quickly as the previous summer months. As I pack my car full of new school supplies and I head over to a new clients house, it hit me. Are we getting our kids ready for […]

  • Step Into My Office

    After a long relaxing vacation, returning home to do piles of work seemed like the last thing I wanted to do. As I cracked open my laptop and melted into my office chair, I couldn’t help but reflect on my surroundings. The office space I was able to create in my home is not only my favorite […]

  • Marvelous Mudrooms

    With August quickly approaching, your last opportunity to tackle one more summer project is near. And with the end of summer means the beginning of the school year where organization is a major key in getting a good start. A great way to stay organized, you ask? Mudrooms! By designating one area for all of […]

  • White done right

      “Omg, but what accent color?” is a question most of us ask ourselves when designing our next space. It can be a daunting one as colors can sometimes feel complicated, quirky, and outdated. But most of us end up feeling we need one. And I’m here to tell you- you don’t! The solution, you ask? All-white. All-white interiors may […]

  • Chic Bars

    Having an established bar area/bar cart for some reason gives off not only the (sometimes misleading) impression that you have your life together, but that you know how to have fun, too. These areas are always open to rearranging and can be fun to have for those of you who like to play with décor […]