Meet Sallie!

Sallie J. Lord

Sallie has been an outstanding member of the interior design community for the last 20+ years as she’s followed her passion for creating and transforming the world around her. From her teens through her college years, Sallie worked for a home furnishing company where she gained priceless real-world experience in business and design. Through that experience, Sallie went on to obtain her BA in Interior Design from Marymount University, furthering her expertise in the field. Then, in 2009, Sallie made her dream of owning her own company come true when she founded GreyHunt Interiors (GHI). Sallie has gone on to proudly transform the homes and lives of countless individuals ever since.

What’s GHI all about?

GreyHunt Interiors is an interior design firm that specializes in transforming residential spaces by delivering accessible luxury to the Northern VA community and beyond. GHI is known for exceeding clients’ expectations in creating personalized and invitingly cohesive environments for  both full-scale and room-by-room projects. GreyHunt firmly believes in the power behind your environment and how changing your space can change your life for the better!

In 2017, Sallie was named “Hot Young Talent” by HOME & DESIGN Magazine. The company was also awarded “Best in Customer Service” by HOUZZ in 2016, 2018, and 2019. GreyHunt Interiors is proud to say it has been featured in British Vogue, HGTV, Huffington PostHome & Design Magazine, Northern Virginia Magazine and in Creating Elegant Interiors by Melissa Mather. GHI has also collaborated with companies like © Sunpan, © Serena & Lily, © KraftMaid Cabinets, © Graham & Brown Wallpaper, and more.

Giving back is important to GreyHunt Interiors. Whether it’s connecting local business leaders and fellow design colleagues through its networking events, or while working with charitable organizations, GHI always seeks to make an impact. Two of its proudest moments were when GHI provided event-space design for the “Serve Our Willing Warriors” gala, and when it worked with Hope Shines, Inc. to donate materials and toys to children in Rwanda. Currently, GHI works with Dulles Food Pantry to help feed local families and donates to Charity Water.